Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is It Orwellian Social Conditioning...Or Just a Brain Tumor?

You've all heard the saying "the law works best when it doesn't have to work at all" meaning a society conditioned to obey the law minimizes the societal costs of enforcement. This is a good thing. But sadly given enough resources and time a society can be conditioned to do some very bad things. In fact a society can be conditioned to not only accept but actively perpetuate some fairly ridiculous (and dangerous) behaviors. History is replete with examples of this from NAZI Germany, Stalinist Russia to modern day Iran. And racism in America is another example of one of these behaviors.

Now, as a society we have been trying to eliminate racism for decades upon decades but it seems all we've managed to do is trade one kind of racism for another. In fact I would argue we've just had everyone in the queue do an about face and those in the back are now in the front. I would also argue our particular brand of racism today is more damaging than Jim Crow or even the Antebellum South ever where.

We see racism everywhere, if we would only see. A President whom is clearly incompetent is given a pass on some of the most absurd, insane policies, AND RE-ELECTED for no apparent reason other than he is black. The city of Detroit, Michigan, after years of graft and ineptitude (to the tune of 19 billions dollars) is bailed out no strings attached by the federal government, and not a bird stirs in the trees. No talk of reforms, investigations or, just send the money thank you. There can be only one explanation and you know it as well as I.

Here's a good example of this pathology in the area of sports. On a well known sports blog Philip Rivers is vilified as " intense weirdo" and is ridiculed for having six children (and one on the way) inside a loving, caring relationship with his wife. The blogger laments "There are going to be eight people with Rivers' DNA running around this world" as if having a big family in a committed marital relationship supported by hard working parents is somehow "weird". What an ignorant -ucking asshole!

Well, here's some of the folks who get a "pass" (I wonder why?) on what I think is weird behavior. And for my money (which apparently I don't have a right to anymore) I'll take Rivers' weirdness over these amoral, degenerate scumbags any day of the week.
•Calvin Murphy; basketball All American and long time NBA player, 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women.
•Evander Holyfield; 11 children 9 illegitimate.
•Shawn Kemp; 9 children by 7 women.
•Derrick Thomas (deceased) 7 kids by 5 women (he was only 33 so he really hadn't gotten started good). Of course they're all fighting like hell for his 1.16 mil left behind.
•Jason Caffey; 10 children by 8 women. Tried to declare bankruptcy due to 200k in back child support, judge said no dice.
•Ray Lewis; 6 kids by 5 women. But he started the Ray Lewis Foundation to help inner-city "disadvantaged" kids. What a guy!
•And the all-time winner (at least on record) may be Dominique Wilkins, University of Georgia All American and NBA Superstar (from "little" Washington, NC). But Dominique is no deadbeat dad, he is currently paying TWENTY child support payments! Way to go Dominique! Take it to the hole brother!

I rest my case.

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An they all get free cell phones!

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