Sunday, December 29, 2013

Predictions: 2013 Review, 2014 Debut

Attempting to avoid very important paid work, I turn instead the the pleasures of unpaid blogging, and my annual predictions post.  Here are the ten I made last year and the assessment:

1.  Chris Christie will be re-elected in NJ---CORRECT
2.  Republicans will lose the VA Governor's race--CORRECT
3.  UVA's 2012/2013 Basketball Team will make the NCAA Tournament--INCORRECT
4.  UVA Football will return to a Bowl Game with 8 wins or more.--INCORRECT
5.  The Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl over the Denver Broncos--INCORRECT
6.  Barack Obama will be above 58% approval on 12/31/2013--INCORRECT
7.  John Boehner will not be the Speaker of the House on 12/31/2013--INCORRECT
8.  I will weigh less than 175 lbs on 12/31/2013 (currently 192)--INCORRECT
9.  "Lincoln" will win the Best Picture Oscar--INCORRECT
10.  Barack Obama will replace 2 members of the Supreme Court--INCORRECT

That's right, folks, only 2 of 10 correct predictions!  Down one from last year's terrible performance. I can't say that I'm disappointed that my Obama popularity prediction did not come to pass...

Here are my 2014 Predictions

1.  Republicans will pick up at least 23 seats in 2014
2.  Republicans will win back the Senate
3.  Nancy Pelosi will resign from her leadership position in the House Dem Caucus
4.  The strictures of Obamacare as applied to Employer provided plans will achieve full fetch this year, as tens of millions of people find out that their current plan is "non-compliant" and that the new menu from which they can choose includes only more expensive options.  This dooms Democrats in 2014
5.  The stock market will be above 17,500 on 31 December 2014.
6.  I will weigh less on 31 December 2014 than I do today (29 December 2013--178).
7.  The Kansas City Chiefs will win  Super Bowl 48.
8.  UVA Football will win seven games or more in 2014
9.  UVA Basketball will make the NCAA Tournament
10.  UVA Basketball will lose in the second round.

There you have it folks.  You heard it here first!


"The Hammer" said...

20% right from last year uh? You'd have been better off getting your dogs Baalshamin or Byblos (or whatever their names are) to pick.

"Let's see, if Byblos craps behind the Rosa Louis Philippe bushes over by the stables Boehner will remain speaker, if he pees Pelosi is in."

You are without doubt the WORST prognosticator on the planet. One of your correct predictions was a lock (Christie reelected) and the other was 50/50. The rest were borderline ridiculous. And Lincoln sucked, put me to sleep in 20 minutes.

Bruce McCandless said...


Stop lying about your weight. How did you lose 14 lbs by typing 12 lines?

"8. I will weigh less than 175 lbs on 12/31/2013 (currently 192)--INCORRECT...

6. I will weigh less on 31 December 2014 than I do today (29 December 2013--178)."

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Bruce (Dummy)--In #8, I wrote that I would weigh less than 175 on 12/31/2013. I wrote that in late December of 2012--when I weighed 192. All of that information preceded the two dashes and "INCORRECT".

In #6, I predict that next December 31, I will weigh less than I did on the day I wrote it--which was 29 December, and 178.

All of which is correct and factual. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.

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