Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Hammer's College Football Roundup: Rivalry Week.

WEEEEEEE DOGGIE, what a Saturday! College football fans could not ask for a more entertaining day than yesterday. Why it was like being in a German sex bar with a company credit card.

Alabama/Auburn was just awesome! This of course is one of the great rivalries in American sports and an especially big deal this year what with 'Bama being 'Bama and Auburn 10-1 (0-9 in the SEC just last year). Auburn needed the Tide to have a few breakdowns to have a shot and they got 'em. Alabama's kicking game was atrocious missing four field goals the last resulting in a 100 yard return for the Auburn win. It's a sad day in Tuscaloosa (another word Yankees can't spell) and it blows the whole championship thing wide open.

Not to nit-pick or anything but Coach Saban made some pretty lame decisions yesterday (e.g. not going for a 30 yard field goal that would have put the Tide up two scores late) but oh boy, so did Michgan's Brady Hoke (he's FROM Ohio you know). After playing Ohio State toe to toe through the first half Big Blue had a tough third quarter with the Buckeyes going up by two touchdowns. But Michigan fought back and had a chance to tie the game with about half a minute to go. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO! With the Wolverines playing in front of a fired up home crowd Coach Genius decides now's the time to go for broke with a two point conversion. So rather than take the point and go into overtime with the momentum, Michigan is now in a position (to paraphrase Woody Hayes) where three things can happen... and two of 'em are bad. So, as one might expect Ohio State stops a Michigan two yard pass (into double coverage) and makes it out alive 42-41. NICE CALL COACH!

In other action Florida State kept rolling along (at least until the arraignment) whipping a despondent Gator squad. Clemson lost again to South Carolina (#5 and counting) and Duke kicked Tar Heel ass in Kenan Stadium in a very exciting game. In my opinion Coach Cutcliffe should be coach of the year.  

Let's talk a little Heismann shall we? According to ESPN the top candidates are:
1) Jameis Winston, Florida State.
    Not a chance, he's a rapist.
2) Andre Williams, Boston College.
    Eh, good back but he padded his numbers by playing the likes of NC State (300+ yards), Army,
    New Mexico State and Villanova.
3) A.J. McCarron, Alabama.
    Probably my choice but his receivers didn't help him any yesterday.
4) Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M.
    He won it last year but this year A&M didn't beat anybody they weren't supposed to beat. Not
    gonna happen.
5) Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois.
    Forgetaboutit! The school is off the radar. Remember Gordie Lockbaum at Holly Cross in 1988?
    Me neither.
6) Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona.
    The Wildcats are 7-5 and 4th. in the Pac-12. He can't be THAT good.
7) Derek Carr, Fresno State.
    They just lost to San Jose State. The end.
8) Marcus Mariota, Oregon.
    Oregon underachieved this year. The Heisman is all about OVER achieving!
9) Tajh Boyd, Clemson.
    Jesus, even Clemson people want to forget this guy.
10) Braxton Miller, Ohio State.
      Teddy Bridgewater at Louisville and Brett Hundley at UCLA have better numbers and OSU's
      schedule this year ain't exactly been SEC caliber (having played only one top ten team) so
      don't see it happening. But Ohio State is a big name so who knows?
11) Bryce Petty, Baylor.
      If he could run 15 yards without tripping over his own shoelaces that would be a plus. But he
      started slow and his football IQ is questionable.
12) David Watford, Virginia.
      AHHH HAAA! Got ya! This bum will be selling timeshares in Daytona Beach this time next

That's it, c-ya when I c-ya.

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