Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Hammer's College Football Review: BCS Saturday Edition

Well, the Duke bubble got busted yesterday as was expected. Thank God I've reformed my wicked ways because 25 years ago when I had a couple of bookies on speed dial I woulda taken the 29 points and bet the farm on Duke. Praise be I'm no longer a drunk with a gambling habit...just a plain drunk. But I have to say Duke looked pretty decent the first quarter before the roof fell in. Second quarter on it was all FSU all the time with Duke finally scoring with a minute to go in the game (well done boys). But hey, now that it's happened I'm not at all surprised. If you take granddaddy's Impala to Daytona I don't care how good a driver you are you ain't winning. These are both very well coached football teams but all things being equal talent win out.

Oh, one sidebar, the rape allegation against FSU quarterback Jameis Winston is starting to attract some national attention. Geraldo Rivera (aka Jerry Rivers) was on O'Reilly complaining that the local prosecutor in Tallahassee (relax, I'm not going to say it) is dragging his feet due to being an FSU grad etc. And I personally think there's something to that. FSU hasn't been top notch for a while and Seminole Nation is in no mood for a scandal. Stay tuned, I don't think this is going away...I just hope the girl is black otherwise he'll probably get away with it.

Did you see Ohio State/Michigan State? Man what a game! I must admit I haven't seen much of Mich. St. this year but gents this is an outstanding football team. There offense ain't off the charts or anything but they don't make a lot of mistakes. Now their defense that's another story, they are VERY GOOD! Their secondary and linebacker corp may be the best in the country. But what impressed me was their mental toughness. The Spartans went up 17 zip in the first half and as usually happens against quality competition the Buckeyes came roaring back with 24 unanswered points. And we all know one of the toughest things in sports is to go up big early, lose the lead and then try to regain focus and momentum. Well Michigan State did it scoring two TDs in the fourth quarter to ruin Urban Meyer's day (year). This game illustrates how antiquated the BCS system is. Wouldn't you love to see Auburn or Alabama's offense go up against Michigan State's defense? Sorry, ain't gonna happen this year. State is off to Pasadena to play 11-2 Stanford (Big Friggin' Whoop!).

Speaking of Auburn they put up some incredible numbers against the second best defense in the SEC (having whipped the best defense just last week). The War Eagles ran up 677 total yards against Missouri with Tre Mason accounting for 304 yards on the ground. Folks Missouri is not an ACC team. These guys are for real and they can play with anybody. And for Auburn to hang almost 700 yards on a team like this, well Katie bar the door---->Jimbo Fisher. FSU had damn well be ready to rock 'n roll because Auburn has no offensive weaknesses.

So, Auburn and FSU are in but let's look at the one and two loss teams that are out: Ohio State, Alabama, Baylor, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Central Florida, Louisville, Fresno State, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Stanford, South Carolina, Oregon, Clemson and Oklahoma. Now considering the Div 2 playoffs consist of 24 teams (see bracket below) do you think just maybe we could put together a similar tournament for Div 1? Does anybody really believe Alabama or Ohio State or even a lesser respected team like Louisville don't deserve a shot? The BCS system sucks but this four team playoff next year sucks only marginally less. Look 24 teams may be a bit much but come on, 4 is ridiculous.

Well that might be it for this year. I might post some thoughts on the bowl games if something strikes my interest. It's been a pleasure informing you dolts and NFL fans (not to be redundant) about the wonders of college football. CW's Cavaliers stunk up the joint this year only surpassed by by own NC State Wolfpack so that was disappointing. But all in all we've seen some pretty good football so I can't complain too much. Catch you on the flip-side and Go Panthers.

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