Sunday, December 29, 2013

Resolutions: 2013 Assessment, 2014 Debut

Here are my 2013 New Year's Resolutions and a brief assessment of performance:

1.  Eat better.  Low carb all year--I did eat better, but not low carb and not all year.  Only really took to this in August while simply counting calories vice low-carbing.
2.  Take my vitamins and supplements, daily--Did not do.
3.  Exercise more.  Even a little bit is better than nothing.  Good record of accomplishment
4.  Curse less.-- Probably, but only a little less.
5.  Be nicer, smile more.  Probably, but only a little more.
6.  Do more professional writing.  Done.
7.  Be there for my family more---especially for The Kitten.  Meh...probably not.
8.  Stop expecting things to happen around the house--do them, take ownership.  Here too, probably not
9.  Breathe.  Count to five.  A little better.
10.  Be more charitable--sort of.  I gave almost nothing to politics this year, and put some of that toward charity.  But I also started a new business and watched my income go down--so this one is a sort of.

2014 Resolutions:  Several repeats.

1.  Be there for my family more---especially for The Kitten.
2.  Stop expecting things to happen around the house--do them, take ownership.
3.  Find some kind of volunteering opportunity that interests and energizes me.
4.  Be nicer and smile more
5.  Continue to exercise regularly
6.  Continue to count calories and manage what I eat
7.  Take at least one vacation of not less than two full weeks.
8.  Institute a "Shabat-like" avoidance of electronic media on Saturdays. 
9.  Read more (probably on Saturdays)
10.  Improve the state of the ManCave.


Mudge said...

Given that "the state of the man cave" is Maryland, good luck with improving it--not that it doesn't need improving, just that the current occupants of it appear to have no concept of just how politically f'ed up it is there. I do wish you success in that resolution though because your Maryland politics are bleeding heavily over to northern Virginia and screwing up what was once, and for a very long time since the founding, one of the finest states in the union.

Scott said...

All very good resolutions, and I respect your resilience in repeating some from 2013 - and the fact that you own up to the failures of the past year. May we all be so strong.


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