Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As you may have guessed I'm no intellectual. I'm not a defense theorist or political scientist. My egghead quotient is minimal. But I know what I know, I have pretty good reasoning ability (horse sense) and I'm not distracted by or susceptible to political magic shows.

Which brings me to my point, I'm a small business man and I advertise in my local market. My website is a little dated so I've been looking around for a little revision and remediation. About three weeks ago I made contact with Click Optimize...BY PHONE! I made an appointment and entered everything on my iPhone calendar. That's it; no emails, no website forms filled out, no social media or internet contact whatsoever...NONE! So why is it I've been getting the above ad (I pulled this off Drudge 15 minutes ago) every time I turn around? How did they know?

It's obvious someone has been reading my mail (so to speak). If I had my way Edward Snowden would be brought back to the US a national hero for blowing the whistle on the surveillance state we now live in, and unfortunately it's not just the government. The Justice Department should be investigating firms such as Google with an eye towards regulating their snooping but the Obama administration is committed to some perverted symbiotic relationship between government and nerd that seems hellbent on knowing every detail of our lives. Technology has overtaken the law and if this data mining etc. is not a 4th. Amendment violation then I don't understand the English language.

Knowledge is power and the tables have turned. Rather than have an open and transparent government where ordinary citizens can and should know everything that's going on we have a secretive government that wants to know everything about its citizens. This cannot be tolerated in a free society and if Republicans had a brain in their head they would be screaming bloody murder.


Mudge said...

If Republicans had a brain in their head and a pair down under, perhaps,

The Conservative Wahoo said...

....and you're apparently not smart enough to figure out how to put titles on your posts....

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