Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Musings from the 28% NOT Getting a Gubmint Check

This time of year we get a lot of these emotional ads on television about feeding starving children. They tell us that for only 19¢ a day we can keep hope alive for some malnourished progeny of a Panamanian prostitute (well, they don't tell us THAT). And I guess they must rake in the cash because these ads have been running since I myself was young enough to squat in an alley eating garbage while covered in Musca domestica. But I'm confused. Would we not be perpetuating the problem by giving? If our gutter-sniping little toddlers get their bellies full of American supplied nachos and beans often enough then by the age of twelve or so they'll be ready to reproduce and have another poster child (the first of many to come no doubt) for American guilt ridden chumps to throw their money at. It's a problem where the solution creates a greater, more widespread problem; in other words a liberal's dream. I say no. Charity begins at home so let somebody else sort this out. I've got enough on my plate making sure our welfare bums have HBO.

I know you've seen this, some research vessel stuck in ice down in Antarctica (lovely this time of year). It's been going on for a few days now and come to find out this thing is filled with "climate change" scientists. Ok, fair enough, but the thing is the media REFUSES to report this rather embarrassing fact. I watched the CBS Evening News yesterday specifically to see if they would mention it since the conservative press has been screaming. But NOOOOO, not a peep. My God these people have no shame and they won't give up. They get caught time and again fiddling the numbers, their climate models are absolute bullshit (and they know it), and they refuse to debate the issue with non-full-of-crap scientists preferring press releases and compliant politicians to get their message out. Obviously somebody is getting rich. These people are just government grant welfare bums worse than any lard ass, borderline diabetic, welfare mama riding the couch eating milk duds. We should leave them there.

Did you see that an illegal alien in California was granted a law license? An outlaw is now an officer of the court, Angela Davis must be beaming! I keep telling people California is lost and their reaction is I'm just a crazy redneck (not half wrong) redoing that secessionist thing from 1861. Well maybe so but I'm telling you right now when the money runs out and the Gringo has got nothing more to give then California will bolt to the motherland so fast you'll think the Declaration of Independence was signed on May 5th. There is nothing in this world that can't be taken away from you and there's nothing you have that won't be taken away if you don't have the balls to protect it. Ask the Romans.



LL said...

Amen Hammer

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Ditto LL.

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