Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Christie Should Handle "The Bridge Scandal"

Come out with guns blazing.

Maybe with a little something like this...

"Grow up, America.  This is what happens in politics.  Power is gained and used.  Political opponents are targeted and marginalized.  Actions have consequences.  All these effete New York writers and  taking to their sedan chairs with sudden cases of the vapors need to calm down and go back to writing their fawning puff pieces about the President and the former Secretary of State.  Four people died at Benghazi because they couldn't be bothered to act, and the New York Times tells us that it was all about a video tape and terrorists weren't involved.  THAT my friends, is a scandal.  This is just the way we do things in New Jersey.  And by the way, IF I run for President, and IF I am fortunate enough to be elected, you can damn well bet that folks who cross the United States will get similar treatment."

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

But instead, I think he'll just fire everyone. 


Unknown said...

An alternative ending.

"Sure, there was serious errors in judgment here but I see no reason to fire anyone associated with a 4 hour traffic jam. I am following the lead of the President here. If a subordinate working on a signature program can have 3 years, millions of dollars of tax payer money at their disposal, build a nearly useless website with it and not get fired, who am I to judge?"

Mark Gorenflo said...

Well, if he were using his power to a plausible end, your alternative universe ending would make sense. Instead, he or his staff bullied a Democratic mayor whose crime was not endorsing the Republican gubernatorial nominee. It doesn't make sense as an act of Machiavellian statesmanship. It doesn't help that school kids were stuck on buses and emergency vehicles couldn't respond.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Mark--whether it makes sense as a demonstration of Machiavellian statesmanship or not is irrelevant. The act--its merits, its targets, its results--do not interest me. What interests me is the "there's gambling going on here" reaction to the naked use and sometimes abuse of power. THAT is what he should have skewered.

"The Hammer" said...

Hillary views him as her most dangerous opponent so Christie's team had to know the press was gunning for him. One little slip up and they're gonna be on him like shies on flit.
But what I want to know is where is his buddy the President? Didn't Christ and Barry take a stroll down the boardwalk when Barry needed it most? Now in Chris' hour of need Barry is nowhere to be found.
In politics you gotta know who your friends are, and Fat Boy Slim forgot that rule. So I say screw him and good riddance.

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