Friday, April 25, 2014

Are Women Really This Stupid?

Do American women really believe conservatives (and I use that term loosely) are "at war" with them? Do they believe that any discussion of their "rights" be it abortion or wage disparity or whatever, is a sign of hostility towards them? I think most probably do not, but I also believe many don't care what the facts are if this argument works with the ill-informed, low info voter. To put it another way, if slander works then use it until it doesn't work. But make no mistake friends, this is slander designed to keep women on the political plantation.

So let's look at a few facts, what about this 77% figure the left keeps trotting out? Do women make 77% less than men? The answer is...yeah, but so what? If you take all the women working in America and add up their salaries and do the same for men, then yes it could very well be 77%. But what does that mean? Not a helluva lot.
•Men comprise 54% of the labor force. Men work more hours than women, 10 hours a week more on average.
•Men do the more dangerous and more skilled jobs therefore their pay is higher (50% of pediatricians are women, but only 16% are higher paid surgeons).
•Since about 1990, if we look at female college graduates, in 10 years 20% have left the labor force and 17% are working part time compared to 2% for males in BOTH categories.

But women have some advantages as well.
• According to the last census, 685k men graduated from college in 2009, compared to 916k for women. That's a 40% swing in the past 40 years.
•60% of college graduates are women. The earn more four year degrees, more graduate degrees and more doctorates.
•Women under 30 who enter the workforce straight from school earn 8% higher salaries than men with the same job description.

So from where I'm sitting women have in no way been given the short end of the stick, at least not lately. In fact I would argue that males have been discriminated against with Title IV and other ridiculous, grievance motivated laws. But will this "War on Women" tactic work? The short answer is HELL YES it will work because facts don't matter and so many people are so easily manipulated...and that stat is about 50/50.


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Mudge said...

Hammer, you should acknowledge the source for your shameless literary theft of your title, "Are Women Really This Stupid?" It was first uttered by each person in the room in which the idea for a GOP War on Women was proposed. And it was answered, resoundingly, when Barrack Obama was re-elected as President.

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