Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Can We Be More "White" In Future Years?

• How do we make sure that in future years we have less minorities?
• If in decades ahead we are as "brown" as we are now, we have failed as a society.
• In the future if we have as many minorities as today, we will be relentlessly driven toward mediocrity,    
   a sad shadow of our current self.

WHAT? What's that you say, I'm a bigoted, racist, hate-monger? Moi? You must be joking. No friends, I am just paraphrasing (with a little poetic license) Western Washington University President Bruce Shepard.

You see guys like Dr. Shepard are everywhere these days. They run our education establishment, our media, our institutions and our government. They are Lester Maddox, George Lincoln Rockwell and David Duke...with only a few slight differences. They despise the idea of a color blind meritocracy and they are as obsessed with race as any Klansman who ever lived. But their methodology is different. They use terms such as "white privilege" and "economic justice" to confuse their message with the rule of law and property rights. As Mike Adams said, they don't burn crosses, they ban crosses. Their's is Marxist inspired propaganda, lies born of envy and entitlement and their brand of bigotry is more pernicious than anything George Wallace ever aspired to.  


Tom de Plume said...

And they are no better than the Clipper's owner, because forget what they preach, they ain't living in the 'hood. Hmmm... Actually, they have a lot in common with the liberals in my neighborhood.

Mudge said...

Speaking of the Clippers owner, did he rape and murder a small child on national television or something? One would think so by the feeding frenzy going on around him. Good luck NBA if you are really going to react this way to any of your owners or players using racially insensitive words in private conversation. There'll be nothing left but a few Russian and Chinese 7 ft players--not because they are cool with their girlfriends bringing black guys to their games; rather, because no one knows what they're saying.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there would be the same outrage if we listened to the lyrics of songs from player's music selections?

Mudge said...

Or the First Lady's...

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