Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Get it Now

That's right, I get it now. Look, let's get it straight, I much prefer a private healthcare system. I think American medicine has been a wonder of the world, far better than any other country rich or poor. But those days are over. We have allowed leftists to import 100 million third worlders. We have our own domestic scumbags who have been spoiled and coddled and are like domesticated animals, incapable of fending for themselves. What are they to do, or more to the point what are we to do with them? Well, we could just say to hell with them all, but come on, that's not going to work. First of all, they show up at emergency rooms for primary care and until such time as there are no more Democrats we will continue to treat them for "free". Plus we have to look at public health as a whole. Suppose we let disease run rampant through the poorer communities? Well obviously it won't take long before the rest of us suffer. So maintaining the health of the "herd" (for lack of a better description) is in all of our interests.
So, the Affordable Care Act sucks, I think we can all agree on that. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it. But it's an important first step addressing a real problem realistically. How we got here is not the point, it's what we do now that counts. So let's all get behind this effort and stop resisting, we'll all be better off.


LL said...

ObamaCare has been a success for the Republican Party. It's a disaster of such epic proportions that you even hear a rumble on MSNBC now and again (the network that didn't bring you Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Massacre, the IRS Scandal, the ACORN scandal or any of the other gross missteps by the Obama Administration. They never say that for every job created since Obama took office, 75 people went on food stamps, but they do whisper about ObamaCare.

And it's not over. While I agree with public healthcare for the herd, there was Medicaid, and other free public healthcare options that pre-dated ObamaCare at a cost of hundreds of billions. And many more have signed up for Medicaid over the past year because they're too poor for ObamaCare, which very few doctors and fewer hospitals accept even if you pay the subsidized premiums.

Mudge said...

Hammer - Just because that eunuch in the plaid footie pajamas sipping hot chocolate in his mama's basement has a glimmer in his eye is no reason for you to fall head over heels for him and his cancerous dogma. I disagree that we have no choice here. First, do you really think that the government-run medical system will better handle rampant disease when one of those billions of bacteria decides it's done dancing with our tired old antibiotics and starts wiping out the most densely-populated areas like fire ants sprayed with Raid? Christ, the only thing that might help such a situation is if the legions of bureaucrats who live in those areas gets wiped out first. Maybe then the medical professionals who actually have something to do with treating patients (assuming any decent ones are left) can get busy doing what they were trained to do. Yes this is a tiring fight and yes, most people haven't even realized that it IS a fight, least of all our GoP elected "leaders." But this domestic occupation of the United States of America by people hell-bent on taking our liberties are not going to stop at "affordable health care". What's it going to take for us to draw a real line that shall not be crossed? "Common sense" gun confiscation? Rescinding FCC licenses of private media who dare to question the central authority? Government-enforced mandatory purchases of goods and services citizens neither want nor need? Government inquiries into the content of citizens' prayers? And every one of these has been attempted by government officials who have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Fight's over? Hell no! We are still the citizens of the United States of America and we still live under the protection of the Constitution. No, Hammer,this is not even close to over.

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