Saturday, April 12, 2014

News & Perspective From a Half-Drunk Redneck

Have you seen this story? Well...Miss North Carolina (Johna Edmonds) is getting some stick about her "revealing" clothing. It seems a lot of folks think she's not setting a good example for our youth. Forgive me but that's not how I read this. When I look at Miss Edmonds I see a beautiful, confident young woman performing her duties as a representative of our great state. She also happens to have a spectacular rack which she is none to shy about parading before her admiring public. If our "youth" need a role model then they could do a lot worse, beats the Khardashians or Rihanna. But to add a bit of cultural perspective, I can well understand the criticism. Southerners are uncomfortable with clothing like this. Why I myself have been to semi-formal affairs and after a few libations caught myself ogling some Yankee woman's rotors to the consternation of all. It makes things very awkward and the ride home ain't that great either. Women tend to get very pissed off when they wear clothing accentuating their assets and men actually take the bait. Don't ask me why.

Did you happen to see the Rev. Al was outed as an FBI informant? Well I hope you did because you're not likely to see it mentioned again (much like the California legislator who was so anti-gun, you know up until he was caught running guns). Anyway I am not at all surprised by the Rev. You know why? Because I'm a redneck that's why. You see one of the big differences between Southerners and the rest of the country is that even though we had Jim Crow and all the other forms of discrimination both subtle and not so subtle, we actually had daily contact with black folk. Non-Redneck Americans had, and probably still have minimal contact with blacks. You people stayed with your own kind be it Irish, Italians, Jews or Poles. Now I know times have changed, but the point is Southern whites know black folks a thousands times better than anybody else. Our cultures are very similar, NOT IDENTICAL by any means, but very close.
So, in light of what I just told you here's the short course on black preachers. They like pussy and fried chicken and ain't no nappy-headed, jive-ass, stump jumping (insert ethnic slur here) gonna stand in their way. In other words they could care less about black grievance, it's just a means to an end. Al Sharpton is running the black preacher playbook, no more no less.

Well it looks like Issa might have run out of patience with Lois Lerner. I think he's playing it pretty well. He's dragged it out with an eye towards the mid-terms and the release of the Elijah Cummings communication with Lerner was a game changer. So now they've voted to hold Lerner in contempt (and she ain't the Attorney General) which means she can be arrested and detained. The pressure has been appropriately cranked up, the next step is to offer her immunity. If they can get her to roll over she would be a goldmine I'd say. She's spent her career as a political hit-bitch going from the FEC to the IRS, whenever and where ever she might be needed to advance the cause of her handlers. I'll bet she can put some asses in some wringers if she spills. It'll all come down to who she's most afraid of, and don't think this is a slam dunk. But however it plays out don't you just love our ever diligent media? My God if Nixon had been a Democrat he'd still be President.

That's all I got. Oh, I'd like to congratulate Mr. Stewart for winning the NCAA bracket competition. I'm over the disappointment of losing... AGAIN!!!


LL said...

Item #1 I take the bait too. I too suffer, and then I take the bait, and I suffer. I never learn and likely never shall.

Item #2 I've known black preachers who were salt of the earth and the finest human beings on the planet bar none. Sharpton is simply a n-r with a scam like Jessie and Jeremiah Wright --- and Barack.

Item #3 If the mid-terms go against the Democratic Party and they lose the Senate, Lois will have a lot of friends singing the Folsom Prison Blues. She's a smart enough cat to know that the first one through the door gets the best deal. Which means that she might end up as a suicide like Vince Foster.

Tom de Plume said...

Reinvention of Sharpton? I figure his first contacts with the Mafia was to learn their shakedown techniques. Instead of using them on local small businessmen, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and Holder took extortion national. As for some of your other comments, did you read last week that the most segregated schools were inNew York City? Once again, that "do as I say, not as I do" from the lefty sacks of crap.

JB said...

Lois Lerner needn't fear incarceration. Any attempt to convict her will be met by a swift pardon from Obama - guaranteed.

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