Friday, August 8, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's on your mind, Champ?  Gonna have to fight again where you told us we were finished?  Ebola got you worried?  Get it off your chest, friend.  Emote!

Weighed in at 187 today, not bad after last weekend's debacle of eating.

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"The Hammer" said...

As I'm sure most of you know the Democrat Party owns social media. Through their well (Soros) funded network of bloggers and trolls they pretty much control the narrative on FB and lots of other places. I've been waiting for the Republicans to catch up, but to date have seen no signs of anything happening at all.

So, I've decided we need a thousand points of light, with me being the first. The strategy I'm suing (and I'm open to suggestions) is to pick one, just one venue and take it over with the power of ideas...CONSERVATIVE IDEAS! FB is not the place for this, but your local newspaper is perfect.

Since I started this campaign I've discovered that the Dem network reaches deep into the catacombs of the media. I am positive some of the people I debate are not freelance leftists but are in fact PAID to do what they do. It doesn't take long to smoke them out. THESE are the people we need to attack on a grassroots level if we are ever to compete effectively.

So, I urge you to devote 15-20 minutes a day to whatever website you choose AND TAKE THE DAMN THING OVER! We can't wait for those clowns at the RNC to get off their asses, we have to do it ourselves. Remember, the Dems fear three kinds of media, Fox News, talk radio and the blogs. The time is right to take the newspapers and we can do it without spending a penny. Pick one and get started, and have a little fun a well.

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