Sunday, August 31, 2014

UCLA 28 UVA 20

UVA replacement QB Matt Johns (Courtesy: Daily Progress)
Went down to Charlottesville  for the home opener yesterday against #7 (and Lee Corso's pick to win it all) UCLA and expected to get beaten like a drum.  Instead, I came away with a sneaky suspicion that we aren't as bad as I thought and that we might beat a few teams this year.

Our offense gave away three touchdowns...two pick six and a fumble recovery for a touchdown.  Starter Grayson Lambert looked horrific, the play calling was terrible, and it looked to be a long game.

But the defense was pretty damn good....we put pressure on UCLA's star QB all day.  We gave up some big plays, but that's something we always do.  The suspect offensive line didn't give up any sacks... and our second string QB came in and led the team on two scoring drives and got us deep inside UCLA territory at 5:50 left with the score 28-20.  We were in position to send it to overtime...and then disaster.  First down up the gut....nothing.  Second down up the gut...nothing.  Third guessed it...up the gut.  Fourth down incomplete, that's the ball game.

But the third down play was not supposed to be a run.  It was signaled in as a pass and the replacement QB (who may have earned a starting job), went to his wrist band, pulling off the wrong play.  While that excuses the horrible third down does nothing to excuse the first and second down plays.  Simply horrible.

All that said, it was a beautiful day, was with awesome people, and we played a good team tough.  Hope springs eternal...

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