Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our War and Now Their War

You may know there are two competing organizations who's job it is to get Senators elected on the Republican ticket. One is the National Republican Senatorial Committee (CW's homeys) that routinely back establishment types like Thad Cochran and Lamar Alexander. Then you have Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund DOESN'T give money to RINOs.
Now guess who heads the SCF? Ding-ding-ding-ding, good for you, that's right, Ken Cuccinelli. Apparently Ken landed on his feet after losing the Virginia gubernatorial race to the corrupt Clinton lackey Terry McAuliffe. But I have to say, I think Ken holds a grudge after getting NO support AT ALL from the national party and of course there's that thing about Eric Cantor's people actually helping the McAuliffe campaign (gee, how's he doing I wonder?).
Anyway, the two groups don't get along that well because, well it seems conservative money DOES have someplace to go other than to the establishment, and the establishment ain't grooving on that fact one little bit!!
Now dig this, the NRSC is bitching up a storm because the SCF won't give money to the NRSC's beloved RINOs (I sound a lot like Big Fred right now, sorry). They're saying stuff like the SCF hasn't spent a dime against Kay Hagan etc. OK, fair enough but the NRSC got the Republican nominee Thom Tillis (Jesus, learn how to spell "Tom" mofo!) through the primary, he's their boy and he's their friggin' problem. If he wins they get the proceeds and the piss-offs. By the way if he does win do you think the Beltway Republicans will give any credit to anyone other than themselves? HELL TO THE NO! Besides, where were the Country Club Republicans when we needed YOU? Not sure? Just ask SCF President Ken Cuccinelli, he knows.

It looks like Bill and Hillary have made their opening move. Hillary has been on Obama's case in the last week or so about the mess in Iraq. She's also hit his economic policy recently and there's more to come. I'm sure you guys have seen this so I won't go into detail, but ain't it great! Politically speaking she really has no choice, she has to distance herself from this idiot but I'm a little surprised by the timing. It would seem to me a better time would be AFTER the mid-terms. Doing it now will only cause some rifts and potentially hurt turnout. But maybe she WANTS a big Republican year. Maybe a Republican controlled Congress gives her more to run against in '16. I'm not sure what the reasoning is but I'm sure they've got something up their sleeve, exactly what I have no idea. But at this stage who give a shit? I'm just loving every minute of it. Kick some Kenyan ass Hillary, we're behind you 50%.

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