Thursday, August 28, 2014

When Will They Learn?

Do you recall the Romney/Obama debates? I know CW does, for him it was like watching 70's (pre-body wax) Swedish porn. Remember the moderators? Well there was the appropriately named Candy Crowley weighing in at just under 275, and Martha Raddatz who was once married to one of Obama's buddies (and at the time FCC Chairman). What did they expect out of these two mainstream network leftists I wonder? I'm not sure but I'll tell you what they got, moderators who steered the conversation where they wanted it to go and acted like a tag team against poor Romney. Of course AFTER the election everybody did a mea culpa and said that maybe Romney got the short end and gosh awfully sorry about that Benghazi thing...our bad. Well no need for an apology, nobody screwed up at all and certainly not the cetacean Ms. Crowley. They did exactly what they planned to do. No the screw up was by Romney's people for allowing the bias twins to moderate.

So now comes our Republican National Committee approved Senate candidate for North Carolina Speaker Thom Tillis, along with his entourage of big-time campaign managers and consultants (Lee Atwater they ain't). So far they have advised him to let them handle it, stay out of the limelight, don't worry we got this one. We'll soften Hagan up with ads and then kick her butt in the debates and it's all downhill from there, cruise on home to victory. But for God sake don't do anything stupid like actually present a position or stand for something. You'll only invite attacks and besides, voters are tired of gridlock and bickering. They want politicians to get along and if you're too critical you'll be seen as an asshole or bully or worse. Just relax, you're in good shape.

In keeping with that looser strategy which has never worked and will never work, guess who will be moderating the two Hagan/Tillis debates? The ever so professional and fair (in a Bill Ayers kinda way) Norah O'Donnell and Mr. "He's So Cute" (but not lately) himself George "Stephie" Stephanopoulos. You may recall Stephie kicked off the "War on Women" by badgering a perplexed Mitt Romney during the '12 primary debates about abortion when ABSOLUTELY NOBODY was talking about abortion! But if you're going to gin up an issue you gotta start somewhere and apparently Stephie was only too happy to oblige.

In my humble opinion if you want to win you have to be willing to lose. Take the fight to your opponent, set out your position clearly and concisely and defend it. Win or lose let everybody know where you stand. It worked for Reagan and it worked for Newt in '94. Plus it's the only thing that does work. So if you want to put your constituency to sleep and energize your dispirited and disheartened competition then keep listening to the Steve Schmidts of the world, you'll end up in McCain or Romney land real quick. So I ask again, when will they learn?

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"The Hammer" said...

I of course meant Mike O'Cain the ex-NCSU football coach.

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