Friday, November 21, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Aw, what's the matter friend?  Your President decide that he isn't bound by that silly old Constitution?  Can't abide by all the Christmas decorations already?  Six feet of snow got you down?

Get it off your chest!  Out with the bad, in with the good!


Jncle Willie said...

Who ever invented didigital split second TV commercials aught to be hung by the short hairs and all the TV producers, directors and writers along with them. Oh and by the way, there are too many commercials anyway. I put a stop watch on a few nightly news broadcasts and a third, (1/3) nine minutes of the program is taken up with commercials. The broadcasts are now only twenty-seven minutes as they hold up the final three minutes for commercials before the next program starts. Anyone out there got any ideas how we can stop these people with their time consuming commercials. If you have cable or satellite you're paying for this TV commercial time folks. Ther are hardly any more roof antennas these days.

Uncle Willie said...

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot! With all the TV commercial time when one tries to escape a monster and grab the remote to move to another channel, the SOB'S have the channels synchronized and all you get is another commercial. Is this legal?

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