Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Hammer's College Football Roundup: Week 13

It was a high old time in Charlottesville last evening as the mighty Fighting Fops of the University of Virginia took it to a lackluster Miami Hurricane squad in the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley. There's hasn't been a bigger upset in that neck of the woods since Stonewall Jackson was tormenting the hapless Yankee interlopers in the Valley Campaign of 1862. Our blog host CW was in attendance and captured the moment of unbridled ecstasy exhibited by the Wahoo faithful acting as if they had beaten the Miami of Vinny Testaverde, Bennie Blades and Alonzo Highsmith. Alas many on the 6-5 Hurricanes wouldn't make the practice squad on those great Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson or Dennis Erickson teams. But not to be insulting, it was a great win for Virginia. Unfortunately it's probably too little too late for Coach London as he showed himself to be a complete idiot on at least one occasion. Hey Coach, learn how to tell time why dontcha?

This being the week before "rivalry" week not much was shaking. Ole Miss has crashed and burned, UCLA beat USC in a "who cares" matchup and Florida State is still winning ugly.

The Western Carolina Catamounts took a trip down to Alabama to play the Tide, and well you know. So, why do we get these "tune-up" games this late in the year you might ask. Simple, the conferences mandate it. You see too often we'd get a powerhouse team scheduling their bye week the week before their big game, thereby giving them two weeks to prepare. That's fine as long as both (for example) Alabama AND Auburn take their bye weeks at the same time. But too often they didn't and this of course gave an unfair advantage. So everybody kicked up bloody friggin' murder and the big boys started scheduling Al's Barber College the week before the big one; hence, Auburn played Samford (SAMford NOT Stanford) and 'Bama played those half-baked dope smokers from Cullowhee (actually fully baked, at least most of 'em). So there you go sports fans.

Well that's it, as I said it's been a slow week. Thank God UVA is playing Va Tech in Blacksburg next week! If it were a home game and they won they'd probably be rioting in the streets! C-ya.

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