Sunday, November 2, 2014

College Football Roundup: Week Zehn

Beware Texas kickers with German surnames. WVU should have remembered that well known Hammerism.  West Virginia had TCU on the ropes at home and decided to hunker down and take the 4th. quarter off... against of the best offenses in the country that rings the cash register so fast it'll make your head spin. Great strategy Coach Holgorsen! 
Look I understand how he got there, West Virginia's defense is real damn good. But Jeez you can't just run off tackle play after play with apparently no purpose and expect your defense to do it all. It's just stupid! Plus it's not like it was a mistake where you just kinda choke and screw up with clock management or commit a turnover or something. This was a conscience in-game football decision.
Remember Russell Erxleben (currently in the federal penal system)? I'm sure the Oklahoma Sooners do. And I'm also sure ole Dana will remember Jaden Oberkrom for a while. What a dummy!

Ooooooo, bad day in Oxford, and I ain't talking The Boat Race on the River Thames against Cambridge. No friends, the William Faulkner, John Grisham, James Meridith and Archie Manning Missississippi. Yeah I know, glad I ain't there too! Anyway tough tough outing for the Rebels. Last week LSU took them to school with a pounding ground attack and this week Auburn did much the same thing. But Ole Miss still could have won this game but for two red-zone turnovers one of which resulted in their star receiver Laquon Treadwell snapping his leg. See you next year Laquon, you too Ole Miss.
However in other Missississippi news the Miss St. Bulldogs held off Arkansas for a good win to retain their #1 spot. Unfortunately they still have to play Alabama and a very pissed off Ole Miss both on the road. I'm not looking for these guys in the final four, but if they make it then by golly they'll deserve it!

I want to mention Florida State. God knows this is a talented football team but it just seems these guys are as ripe for the picking as a South Jersey Homecoming queen after a few fuzzy navels. I cannot stand Jameis Winston. To me he seems like he's just having too much fun being Jameis Winston, and the rules don't really apply to Jameis Winston ALL AMERICAN. These guys are due for an ass-whooping of Biblical proportions, I just don't know who's gonna give it to them. They got Virginia at home next week, so we can forget about that one. Maybe the Gators, they sure stuck it to Georgia yesterday (rivalries, you never can tell).

Locally (local to me) ECU took the day off against Temple (I hate Temple almost as much as Carolina) and Duke won a thrilla in Heinz Field against Pitt. The Tar Heels lost to Miami, State beat Syracuse after doing their best to lose and Ga. Tech kicked the living shit outta Virginia in Hot'Lanta.
Which brings me to Virginia Tech. What is wrong with those guys? Look I get it, can't be top ten every year, but Beamer is losing games he's supposed to win like yesterday against BC. Wow, can't wait for the Hokies and the Wahoos to square off, I'm sure it'll have the intensity of a lovers tiff in a Greenwich Village leather bar.

Well that's it, we're getting down to the short strokes now. Lots of good teams out there and lots of shakeups on the horizon. Should be good!


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