Monday, November 3, 2014

On Tomorrow's Midterm Elections

Tomorrow evening at this time, I'll be in front of my ManCave TV with election night coverage on and some manner of internet device in my hand to follow along with Twitter.  I'm genuinely excited about what seems to be a good night for Republicans, though I am less sanguine than some.  I'm a huge fan of Larry Sabato's election analysis at UVA, and he seems to figure in a big night for the GOP.  I won't make any exact predictions, but I think Sabato is like others, giving R's more than they'll get.

I desperately want to see Mary Landrieu ejected from the Senate, and I am very much pulling for Tom Cotton in Arkansas.

The prospect of Harry Reid vacating the Leader's chair is delicious, as is the likelihood that Chuck Schumer will try and take him on for minority leader, sensing blood in the water.

What will be very interesting to me is the Lame Duck session.  We saw a good deal of important things happen in the 2010 Lame Duck, and perhaps we'll get something out of this one.  Since the a Republican dominated Congress is likely to pass Keystone, and since most D's in the Senate want it anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to see Keystone passed before the end of the year.

But....don't get too excited about what can be done.  The President yields the veto pen and that veto is not going to be overturned in the Senate.  Anyone who believes that "we can just "repeal" Obamacare using Reconciliation (simple majority only needed) in the Senate" fails to recognize that Obama could then simply veto the repeal.

Republicans should send a series of popular bills to the President in the next two years and force him to veto them or bite down hard and sign.  Additionally, they MUST pass all funding bills IN REGULAR ORDER.  No continuing resolutions.  Show the country that you know how to lead, that you know how to be responsible...and good things will follow.

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