Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mitt 2016

During the cocktail party chit-chat Friday evening, someone mentioned to me "Mitt's big announcement" that day, of which I was at that point unaware.  When I got home later that night, I violated the eShabbat to see what it was all about, and saw news like this:  "Romney to GOP Donors: I Want to be President".  Now for the past year or so, Mitt has been pretty coy and has thrown off a lot of signals that he didn't want to run, or at least he wouldn't run because of family opposition.  I always hoped that was BS, or at least a bit of  a smokescreen.  The Presidency is powerful catnip, and it looks like Mitt is still under its sway.
Back to work for Mitt!
And so, I rise today in support of Mitt Romney for President in 2016, and while I'm certain that it was my donation to Jeb Bush's PAC that got Mitt of the fence, I am nonetheless committing myself once again to the job of electing Mitt Romney as President of the United States.  Here's why:

1.  I am a stubborn mule.  I made a decision in 2012 about who was best for the country early in the race.  I stuck with it.  It was a good decision then, it is a good decision now.  The events of the past two years have born out the wisdom of my view.

2.  The structure of the GOP primary season--shortened and restricted to January-March--favors those who are already known and can corner big blocks of money.  As much as I'd like to see the candidacies of John Kasich, Mike Pence, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio flower and take hold, I fear that the structural impediments to their gaining enough support and momentum to win are too great.  I have no view on whether this is a good thing or not.  I only view that as a matter of strategy, there are only five men who can capitalize on this (Romney, Bush, Christie, Paul, and Cruz).

3.  Cruz and Paul are not my cup of tea, nor is Christie.  Paul Ryan is, but I don't think he'll run with Mitt in the race. I am generally positive about Jeb, but my loyalty is to Romney.  I see Jeb and John Kasich of Ohio both as serious VP slot guys.

4.  I cannot conceive of Mitt Romney running again for President and not being MUCH, MUCH better at it than 2012.  He was far better in 12 than in 08, and he'll kill it in 16.

This blog will of course, be open to the views of others, and I look forward to a spirited debate in the coming months.


Vero said...

I would be thrilled with a President Romney. ANY of those in the Republican field is preferable to Hilary or Biden or Warren. Insofar as strength vs a Democrat (and the Press,) Governors would make better Candidates and Presidents with Bush and Romney being the virtually the same, then Kasich, Pence and Christie being acceptable in that order. I don't see Bush being VP. Kasich and Pence maybe but still unlikely. Its a difficult transition from "King" to "assistant King." Right now, I give the nod to Bush for electability over Romney...Christian vs Mormon (silly isn't it?) and his Hispanic wife, being from Florida, and speaking the lingo.

NavyAustin said...

Romney, fine. For all the reasons you back him. Or Bush. Whatever.

Can we NOT have the circular firing squad primary season we had last time?

I like Romney. I like Bush. Theyr're electable. I like Rubio. I like Jindal. I like Ryan. They're not electable (yet)

I like Cruz, in his current capacity, but he's not electable as President.

I think Christie, Paul, Santorum, Huckabee and others are un-electable and unnecessary to give even token consideration to, since they merely fling turds for being too conservative or not conservative enough. Their voters will not stay home, but they will sour the Republican base and give Democrats much ammunition and free opposition research.

JB said...

How does Romney address the 47% comment? You know that will be brought up by the press in the general (should he win the primaries).

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