Monday, January 26, 2015

Psychotic Ramblings from Redneckistan: The Hammer in Winter

Well...CW has been sending me little tidbits on what once was everybody's Republican Sweetheart (and primo MILF) Representative Renee Ellmers (R-NC). Ellmers has gone off the reservation a bit and gotten a lot of criticism for it. I can't tell whether CW is enjoying all this or not, but anybody who thinks David Brooks is a conservative is a little goofy to start with (see CW/hats and you'll see what I mean). I'm not sure what she's up to but I suspect somebody has given her "the talk". It goes like this.
Now Renee, we know what you ran on but this is Washington not Dunn, North Carolina. A big part of your constituency and a big part of your donor base is farmers. They like cheap immigrant labor. They like price supports and subsidies. Plus they like someone in Washington who will protect their interests. Ok fine, you beat their boy Bobby Etheridge...ONCE. How many times do you think you can maintain that momentum WITHOUT the support of the farming interests in your district? Think on this, if you come along with Boehner and the boys you'll keep your farmers happy plus we'll see that you get the campaign cash from outside the district to pretty much guarantee your seat for as long as you want it, and keep in mind, the Chamber of Commerce LIKES CHEAP IMMIGRANT LABOR just like your farmers. So that's your choice Renee, stick with the Rednecks who put you in office, in which case we'll get together with the left and make a Michelle Bachmann out of you and you'll be hit in every primary and general with well funded candidates (it'll be only a matter of time until you're gone) or go along with us and keep your job. What's it gonna be?
I think we have an answer.

So it looks like CW is getting another Woodrow for Romney. I like Romney. I think he's a good man, a talented administrator and would have been (at least relatively speaking) a GREAT President. I think he is the full package, apart from one thing...HE'S TOO DAMN NICE! You see that's the great thing about RR, he was deceptively tough! Honest Abe (don't make me gag) and RR were somewhat similar in this regard. I've read a good few books on Lincoln (know thy enemy) and the theme that runs through most of them is everyone, and I mean EVERYONE underestimated the man. Most of his cabinet, especially Salmon P. Chase (a real asshole) despised him. A first rate second rate man one of his posse called him. But Lincoln ran rings around those guys (unfortunately) and won the war. If any one of Lincoln's rivals had been President we'd be talking about Jefferson Davis as the Father of Our Country (at least down here). Anyway Reagan had those qualities, and if Romney runs I will of course support him but I will also pray to God Almighty that Romney turns into that kind of man too. If he would have bitch-slapped the porcine Candy Crowley (figuratively speaking) in the debate there wouldn't be any question. Her fat ass needs to be anchoring Eye-Witness News in Sioux City right now (with a Whitman's Sampler just off camera).

I know you haven't seen this but it's big news among some circles here in North Carolina. Mapping the Left is a project by a offshoot of the John Locke Foundation here in Raleigh call the Civitas Institute. An old money family (The Popes) started these organizations and they are hated by the left like no one since the revered Jesse Helms (God Rest His Beloved Soul). For the Left they are the Koch Brothers, RR, Jesse Helms and Lucifer all rolled into one. Naturally I love 'em. Not to drop names but I was acquainted with Claude Pope in college (current chairman of the NCRP) and yeah they're rich kids, but freedom oriented all the way...and that's good enough for me. Anyway the leftist scum outed here are like cockroaches, they do most of their work in the dark and trust me, they are about to have a conniption. Plus I think they're in a state of shock at being found out so easily.
There are a few things we can learn from this, first they're well funded, second they get a lot of their funds from what can only be described as extortion (I'm thinking Wally World ain't paying out of civic duty) and they are well organized. But that's just the lessons of Marxist-Leninist ideology isn't it? Use capitalism to your own ends, organize (infiltrate) like hell and discipline discipline discipline in message and deed! One need only look at their structure to know where these people are headed, or want us to go I should say. Unfortunately one needs a little edjumacation about communists to see the signs, but for a political super-genius like me it's like looking at a flat tire with a nail in it. No need to wonder why or how.

That's all I got. No interest whatever in the Super Bowl or (Lord help us!) Deflate-gate. The guy who gives a shit about all this in standing in three feet of snow about now I'd guess.
C-ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

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The Conservative Wahoo said...

As always, good analysis. I think Rep. Elmers has made a serious mistake in reading the tenor of her district, and I believe she will pay for it.

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