Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Few Questions for Hillary

I managed to watch Hillary Clinton's performance this afternoon at her hastily organized press conference to respond to the growing questions about her private email server and its exclusive use while conducting business as Secretary of State.  I realize that I don't like the woman, so I am probably biased, but she is just not likable.  Conversely, I don't like Barack Obama, but I can SEE why others like him.

She started out her newser by trying to wrap herself in the women's conference she had just attended, and then by bringing up the Senate Republicans' letter to the Iranian leadership--both obvious attempts to ingratiate herself with her base, and perhaps to sow the seed for a question from the press about anything other than the email.

After a crappy question from a Turkish reporter, the Press did a decent job.  Mrs. Clinton's defense basically sums to this:

1.  I did nothing illegal.
2.  I chose to do this so I didn't have to carry two smartphones (1 gov, 1 personal).  Though it turns out, this is exactly what she did.
3.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn't done this.
4.  I deleted 30,000 personal emails, because they were personal.  You have to trust me on this.
5.  I turned over all the others to State.
6.  Any email I had with other government people was captured on THEIR systems, so I did not have to abide by the Federal records act and save my business related personal emails and turn them in.
7.  The server will not be turned over, it is private.

Her performance was unsympathetic and raised more questions than it answered.  She (once again) revealed herself as wooden, tone deaf, and unlikable.

Here are a few questions I have.

1.  It is claimed that you did not have ANY official State email account, classified or unclassified.  You further claim that you did not pass any classified information on your unclassified email.  How then, did you communicate with other people not actually in the room with you, about classified material?

2.  Your assistant, Ms. Abedin, and presumably others close to you, also had email accounts on your private server.  Given your position that the emails you sent were collected and archived by the computers of the people you sent them to, how then was the official business transacted among you and those who had private accounts on your server archived?

3.  You said you deleted 30,000 personal emails.  Did you do this yourself?  By yourself?  If not, who helped?  And if there was help, what were the guidelines for what was personal and what was business?

4.  Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Select Committee studying the Benghazi attack, says the emails that you turned over have "months and months of gaps".  He states further that during your the trip to Libya you took in which the "iconic" photo above was taken, there are no emails from that trip.  How can you explain this?

If you are a Republican, and you have come to believe Hillary's Presidency is a sure thing, think again.  She is a dead woman walking.  I continue to make one prediction about 2016.  The Republicans may lose, but Hillary will not win.


New Mexican said...

It does matter one way or another to Republicans if it was kosher or not, illegal or not, what it matters is to keep the pressure on someone they love to hate. Hillary scares the hell out of Republicans. I cannot wait until she is president, watch the Republicans obstruct to the point the obstruction of President Obama will seem like kids play.

Mudge said...
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Mudge said...

One with the name you'd like us all to have - The true problem, even for people like you who believe all the empty blather from people like our President and HDR@Clinton.com, is that there is not enough obstruction (or Constitutionally-authorized punishment) being exerted to stop this Administration. Unless the Republicans start their much-needed daily doses of testosterone and start listening to the recorded oath of office ceremonies they all took part in, neither of which is likely to happen, I don't see anything resembling the level of "obstruction" that you seem to think has already happened. Kids play? No, kids playing as a co-equal branch of government could have done a better job of stopping this power-grabbing, America-hating tyrant and his cronies who, despite all his promises and flowery speeches about "that's not who we are as a nation" bullshit, couldn't give one damn about the very people who flock to him mewing in their government-provided meadows. You, along with all the others who have gone before you with such "hope" for government providing you a better life, will be the most sorely disappointed when the elected officials who are currently failing to protect the very document they've sworn to uphold finally come to the conclusion that it's just an inconvenient, tired old relic of history anyway and it should be retired. Yeah, there's a name for that utopian dream you have (and many of your very unfortunate predecessors have realized elsewhere)--subjugation. And don't be surprised if your use of the word "kosher" is considered hate speech--no worries, you didn't mean anything hateful by it--nothing a brief stint at the education camp won't clear up. Yeah, I know, I'm just an angry old white man...so enjoy your free speech and your right to assemble and vote, and, well, just enjoy it all while you can. Right up until your dream comes true.

Tom de Plume said...

Deleted 30,000 e-mails? Does anyone realize how long that must have taken? They need to grill the bitch on the details of that data dump.

And BTW, is a "New Mexican" just a Mexican male with the testosterone removed?

JB said...

I'll ignore the "New Mexican" troll and instead respond to CW's original E-Mail. There are even more questions to be asked of Hillary Rodham Nixon, but unfortunately, I think you're wrong CW - she'll survive. The reason is three-fold: (1) These are the Clintons, after all, who have surviving scandal down to a science. They'll start w/ the fact that this is a vast Right-Wing conspiracy and play the victim card to the hilt; (2) They will wait a period of time, then claim that this is "old news" and "all been answered before"; (3) Finally, you're overlooking the most important factor of all - the press is heavily in her corner. With a press that is chronically un-curious (at least when it comes to wrong-doing by Democrats) this will amount to nothing - sorry to say.

"The Hammer" said...

I hope she is the nominee but I just don't think the Dems are that stupid.
By the away, have you ever heard of a guy by the name Harry Reid? Google Harry-obstructionist and see what you get.

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