Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Urgent Call to Action

Somebody in the leftist establishment is out to get Hillary. From revelations about Bill's latest whore (whom the Secret Service euphemistically refer to as the "Energizer Bunny") to dredging up Benghazi to the current private email scandal, some very powerful people inside the Democrat Party and their media lackeys are conducting a coordinated attack on Hillary's credibility.

Why you might ask? Do they see her as vulnerable? Are they just tired of the whole Clinton bullshit machine which BHO proved six years ago was not quite as invincible as everyone thought? Why would they kick Hillary to the curb when she's so deserving? Well the answer my friend is complicated (much like Bill AND HILLARY'S love life).

I think this is just a manifestation of "the war", the war between the Obamas and the Clintons. If you go on the blogs you will see Hillary is still a much beloved figure to leftists...of a certain age. However our young Millennials living in their parent's basement with their Africana and Gender Studies degrees working the 4-11 at GameStop, they don't really have a Woodrow for all things Clinton. Their boner facilitator has a darker hue, hue get my drift? So even though Hillary still polls well (just heard one this AM; 56%) it's all name recognition.

The fact is the big Dem donors, the Soros types, don't want Hillary. She's way too conservative. I know, sounds crazy, but from their perspective they don't want Bill's pragmatism anywhere near Barack Obama's pure ideology. They want PROGRESSION not REGRESSION and Hillary will likely rollback some of BHO's more dictatorial "achievements". Bill worked with a Republican Congress on things like welfare reform, Hillary would probably do the same. Bill presided over a good economy (for the middle class), they can't allow that. Hillary for them is a loose cannon, unreliable and potentially damaging due to her (and Bill's) lifestyle. They want a reliable leftist like maybe Elizabeth Warren (among others).

So, we must do everything we can to support Hillary in her time of need because they're right if they think she's vulnerable. Give the Republicans a good candidate that knows how to go for the throat and Hillary's baggage will spell defeat for all things leftist in 2016. So the leftists (led by BHO) have a choice, support Hillary and lose their gains either at their (her) own hand or a Republican's, or destroy Hillary now and get a tried and true leftist to carry on. They made their choice and we need to make ours...GO HILLARY!    


LL said...

The Democrats can vote for Jeb, secure in the knowledge that he'll do what Hillary would have done. That's not saying that I wouldn't vote for Jeb because we need to go with the R -- but (agonizing wail) please no.

"The Hammer" said...

The worst possible race would be Bush v Hillary.

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