Tuesday, March 10, 2015

COMING SOON: America Joins the Third World

Oh what demographics have wrought.

One cannot go to a leftist blog these days without our Progressive friends crowing a variation of the old Harvard football chant "That's alright, that's ok, you'll be working for us someday". So it will be, the you being our children and the us being Third Worlders who reliably vote Democratic. In fact, one could argue that day has already arrived. But immigration is just one facet of our national death spiral.

So, what does history teach us about societies that commit national (and cultural) suicide? Let's look at Rome shall we? Why and how did the greatest civilization (apart from the US) in World history fall? Are there parallels to our own situation we can learn from?

1) Crippling taxation.
2) Constant wars due to over expansion resulting in massive overspending
3) Huge wealth and income disparity due in large measure to cheap labor (slavery)
4) Loss of traditional values (in Rome's case the Christians)
5) Weakening of the military, too many mercenaries not enough citizens
6) Rampant government corruption
7) Invasion by barbarians both internal (importation of slaves) and external (rise of Germanic tribes, Huns, Visigoths etc.)
8) The rise of the Eastern Empire disrupting trade etc.

The similarities are striking are they not?

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Anonymous said...

My children appear to be quite comfortable with the decline, and they exhibit the requisite white guilt; so I have been relieved of the burden of worrying about their futures.

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