Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dispatch From the Road--En route San Diego

In betrackpantsed travel rig
The hum of the compressor serving the refrigerated cases of drinks available for the taking here in the United Club at Dulles competes
with the gentle sounds of the television over near the bar--but actual human voices are nowhere to be found in this virtually empty little slice of comfort in this otherwise dismal place.

I am taking my first trip back to San Diego in a while, having last traveled there in November.  I am able to track the progress of my hip, as the Bataan Death March from daily parking to the terminal that before the surgery did great violence to my health and attitude, now is simply an inconvenient walk.  I fly United, and sometimes that means terminal D and the ridiculous people movers, and sometimes that means terminal C and the what once was considered to be an improvement of the the people mover tram.  However, since it leaves one off in Leesburg only to walk the rest of the way, I have actually come to prefer the oddly moonscape like people movers.  Today was the tram.

Because I am watching what I eat, and because Dulles is generally considered to be the wasteland of airport dining, I entered terminal C with some trepidation, thinking I would only be able to find some rabbit food of undetermined preparation date.  Much to my surprise, there is something of a little English Pub, and I was able so secure a bacon cheeseburger (no bun, thank you) that actually was pretty damn good.  This should hold me over until what for my stomach will be after 8:30 tonight when I land in SD.

I have three days of work on the left coast, followed by the redeye home Wednesday night.  Each night though (except tonight), I have wonderful dinner companions, which gives me something to look forward to each day.  I am reliably informed that Southern California is currently bathed in great warmth, though my Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to be a bit cooler.  This will be a good break from the DC winter, and will prepare me for my trip to Jamaica at the end of the next week.  Don't worry, I'll have my computer there with me and will likely annoyingly record my thoughts and movements.

The photo appended to this blog is of me just prior to leaving the house, in my customary travel rig of white t-shirt, blue blazer (for business wear during the week), Adidas pants and trainers.  I sometimes were some manner of hat, but because I showered and combed my regulation do today, I am going without.  I include the photo only so that Captain Todd might have a small chuckle, as he seems to get great joy out of having previously only being able to imagine the splendor of this presentation.  For most of the time I have done this, it was because I was a gluttonous mess, and it was a comfortable way to travel without pants riding up into fat folds, etc.  Making some progress toward a lesser me, the track pants are worn simply for comfort today.

At some point during my flight, the 68 teams in the NCAA tournament will be announced, and there is great anxiety in Hooville about whether we will get a #1 seed.  Bottom line?  We shouldn't.  We have lost two of our last three and played crappily against FSU in ACC tourney.  Duke beat us.  In our place.  Period.  They should get a 1 before us.  The only bad draw is to be the 2 in Kentucky's bracket, as 2-8 are all pretty damn close.  That said, you gotta eventually beat Kentucky anyway, so why not in the regional final?  I think The Hammer's Pack are safely in...and they are going to be a tough out.

A good week to all of you.


"The Hammer" said...

I hope UVA can get their act together but I'm not optimistic. The Wahoos have a history of folding up the tent come tournament time. Again, I hope they can get their game back but if they got upset in the first round by SE New Mexico A&M Tech I wouldn't be surprised. Also if the Wolfpack lost in the first round I wouldn't be surprised either.
Sad but true.

Tom de Plume said...

Trainers? Do you say it with a faux British accent?

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