Thursday, March 12, 2015

Racism: Sooner You Than Me

I was listening to "Morning Joe" this AM on sat radio and the Rev. Al Sharpton was partying down, reveling in self-righteous indignation over the OU frat boys and their racist ditty. I sure hope the Rev is doing ok, he's had some bad luck lately you know. TWO FIRES have destroyed key financial records that might have helped with his $4.5 tax liability. But not to worry, from what I understand the IRS is being VERY reasonable and of course his White House credentials are still valid. Thank God HE wasn't the victim of racism!

No he's not the victim, quite the contrary, he's the beneficiary of racism. Racism is what puts food on his table, millions upon millions of dollars in his bank accounts and makes the IRS his bitch (they'll end up paying HIM). Those Sooner white boys are pure gold for the likes of Reverend Al!

I contend that some of the most racist people in America are lower class blacks. They got nothing, they'll never be nothing, they live on the table scraps of society certain in their belief that it makes no difference what they do, Whitey will steal it from them. They're Al's hair-trigger attack dogs ready to be turned loose whenever he chooses. He even rents them out on occasion, in the case of Ferguson to George Soros. They are the source of his power and no government "attack" on his people (like Bill Clinton's welfare reforms) will be tolerated.

But they did bring up something on the show that's interesting (if true); the rise of racism among Millenials. Well I kind of doubt it but for the sake of argument let's assume it's true. The question I have is why, or more to the point why wouldn't they be? Consider just the University of Oklahoma. Some group called The Center of Equality in Opportunity headed by Linda Chavez (a well respected Republican) issued a report on OU's admission standards. My God you have to read this thing! Systemic racism run rampant! I quote:
"If a non-African American applicant had the same credentials as the median African American admittee, he or she would have had a significantly smaller chance of admission. Specifically, while an African American applicant with these credentials would have a 60% chance of admission, an identically credentialed American Indian applicant would have only a 39% chance of admission, a Hispanic applicant only 24%, a white applicant only 22%, and an Asian American applicant only a 15% chance. "

It goes on and on in a lot more detail but you get the drift. I suppose Whitey can take solace in the fact Asians are discriminated against MORE than whites. But my point is when one is discriminated against, when hard work is not rewarded, when injustice is so ingrained it's CODIFIED, then the natural reaction by those discriminated against is fear and hatred for the beneficiaries. Lower class blacks have a point, or ONCE had a point. But 50 years after the Civil Rights Acts of the 60's, with all the affirmative action and set asides and the programs and on and on and on, it's time for black folk to get a friggin' grip. Yes racism exists, along with a million other forms of discrimination. Just shut up and deal with it. I'm sick of your whining and maybe, just maybe so are Millenials. THEY are the ones who never left the starting gate due in part to these policies. THEY are the ones told everyday they are "privileged" due to their race when in fact, at least in terms of government policy, the exact opposite is true.

Bill Clinton wanted to do away with affirmative action but was threatened by Al's predecessor Jesse Jackson (Clinton needed the black vote having never gotten a majority only a plurality). Bill wasn't exactly George Wallace so if Bill was willing to do that, as the liberal he is, that says a lot.

So my black friends, if you want racism to continue then just continue to be an advocate for racism. What we have now is not the color blind society MLK talked about, it's just the other side of the racist coin Bull Connor talked about.

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Mudge said...

Reminds me of Hillary's ever so authentic "I ain't no ways tired" speech. It's not so much the high clownage factor of Al Sharpton that I's that the pigmentally-challenged liberals like Hillary are utterly convinced that their skin is proof of their racism since only whites can be racist in their deeply disturbed minds. They hate their own skin so much that they try desperately to show everyone how unracist they are by being either apologists for unacceptable behavior on behalf of blacks or by pretending unconvincingly to be non-white or both. Those are the people I detest. Sharpton's just a clown enabled by the aforementioned pitiful excuses for American citizens.

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