Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's got you down, friend?  Everybody asking questions about how your foundation spends its money?  You're little drone assassination program go a bit "awry"?

Share your pain, friends.  Share it.  Right here!

Here's some pain.  Same weight as last week, 169.8.  Good news is, that's 29 lbs. lost.  Bad news is, I have 9 weeks to lose 9.9 lbs.  1.1 lbs per week from here on out.  Gotta...get....going...


Mudge said...

Just use the old high school wrestler trick of wearing plastic bags over sweats in a hot shower to making weight. Come your birthday we'll either celebrate your successful weight loss or your life, but celebrate we shall!

Seriously, awesome job cutting the pounds thus far. Titanium does weigh less than bone though so some of it is due to medical intervention.

Tubby said...

I will bring a six pack of Fleet enemas to your birthday celebration. I'll bring some sammiches too.

Mudge said...

Can anyone point out what, if anything, the much celebrated GoP "victory" last November has accomplished in altering the Administration's lawless behavior? I find myself wondering if anyone can see any difference between Harry Reid being the Majority leader or the Minority leader (exempting the pirate patch). I have zero faith in the GoP establishment. If I wanted the kind of behavior we are getting from the GoP today, we could have just voted for the Dems. I can find no discernible difference. I'm pretty certain Putin has detailed dirt on Obama. Do you think Obama has the dirt on Boehner and McConnell? What could possibly explain the fact that we voters continually give "our team" the ball 10 yards from the goal line and their first move is to run backward and throw the ball to the opposing team. Voting for the GoP is like rooting for the Redskins.

"The Hammer" said...

Mudge we're experiencing the same problem at the state level here in NC. We elected a solid Republican legislature but when Tillis left for the U.S. Senate the new speaker has been an archetypical RINO! He's being lauded by some of the left wing people in the state! He's got a clique of a about 20 like minded Republicans aligned with the Dems and its screw you Republican time. What's interesting is the "consultants", mostly Democrats calling themselves conservatives.
This is psychological warfare, false flag operations. We must realize it's not party but policy that drives us. The RINOs are more of a threat than the DNC.

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