Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 2 San Diego

My great experiment with remaining on DC time while in San Diego is underway, sort of.  I went to sleep last night at 9PM, after a great episode of "Once Upon a Time".  Had it not been on, I would have been asleep by 8 and awakened at 3AM.  Instead, I lollygagged until 4AM.  I hastened off to the 24hr fitness center (a plus) where I hit the elliptical for a half hour, then came back to the room for twenty minutes with my "Yoga for Inflexible People" video, brought along to begin to add some stretching and movement into my physical therapy regimen.  Then it was off to the breakfast buffet in my hotel (another plus), which cost the same as two eggs and having burned 300 calories already, I opted for the bigger breakfast.  It was delicious. 

Dinner last night was a little gem of a place near my hotel.  It was 6PM as I neared where I was staying, and as I was about to make a right turn, I saw just off to the left a small establishment called "Hunters Steakhouse".  I had not heard of it before, and I because I had usually avoided this part of town (not unsavory mind you, just a little more distant), it had not crossed my radar screen of potential eateries.  It had a nice menu and plenty of cozy ambience, and it turned out to be a great move.  Besides, it was 9PM in my stomach and I had had no dinner.  I opted for the NY Strip, as their rendition of the ribeye came with some kind of a bleu cheese butter (yuck).  If I return, I may ask for the ribeye without the butter, but the strip was wonderful nonetheless.

As is often the case this time of year, I left better weather in Easton than we have here in San Diego.  Highs this week will be about 67, perhaps a little gloomy tomorrow (today is lovely).  Consistently though, you can't beat the weather here.

Enough for now. 

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