Thursday, April 23, 2015

Same Old Crap

If you've ever doubted the bias of the "old" media (and much of the new) then please have a look. As you may know (I say MAY) David Letterman, while warming up his audience made a blatantly sexist comment (joke?) when asked by a young college grad for any career advise. Letterman reportedly replied sure, treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady. Well, not particularly good advise in my estimation and not particularly funny either. But it happens, and the fact that he said it is not surprising as we all stick our foot in our mouth on occasion.
Also not surprising is the reaction by the MSM: SILENCE. Letterman is in the club and the left protects their own so very few American news outlets have mentioned the story, and no MAJOR news organizations (apart from Fox) have gone near it.
The point is we have a corrupt media that picks and chooses stories and launders the facts to fit their leftist agenda. The next Republican nominee will have to address this reality if said nominee wants to win. I think most of them realize Romney could have won had he called out the oleaginous and aptly named Candy Crowley (apart from Jeb, he's fuqing clueless!). I am seeing some pushback by some prospective candidates, I hope they keep it up.

At this stage I'm favorably impressed with Carly Fiorina. She's smart and she's fearless. Plus just as it took a perceived conservative like Nixon to open up China, and it took a leftist like Bill Clinton to do welfare reform, it will take a minority or woman to do things like immigration reform. A dyed in the wool conservative would be harassed as racist the second he proposed any sort of legislation on the issue. I don't think she'll get the nomination (although she's got my vote) but unless she screws up the VP spot is a lock I would think.

But it all may be a moot point, we may not make it to the next election. Iran is within a couple of months of going nuclear, the North Koreans have an estimated twenty nukes online with delivery systems than can reach California (poetic justice) and both governments are described as "irrational players". Yeah, that's the word, not "batshit crazy friggin' lunatics hell bent on killing themselves and everybody else" but irrational.

We've got to do something to help Hillary. She's getting beat up by the likes of the NY Times for Pete's sake! Bill is calling in favors and her campaign is filled with Saudi and Red Chinese money and she's ready to rock. But she's just not leftist enough for the red diaper babies who took over the party some say in 2008, I would say in 1972. Whatever, but we have to make sure this woman gets her chance. She's owed that don't you think? She stuck by Bill with all his whores and basically gave up her life in the service of leftist causes. She has been a reliable Alinskyite harassing conservatives at every turn up to and including perjuring herself. Theres's not a felony she wouldn't commit in the service of the left. THEY OWE HER and we owe it to our nominee the opportunity to once and for all kill the Clinton machine! If I had one wish in the area of politics it would be to live long enough to see them both in prison.

So, there you have it. Now please, just leave me the hell along!


Mudge said...

"Well, not particularly good advice...and not particularly funny either."

I'm struggling to recall a time where I succeeded in finding much of either while watching him attempt his craft. And that freak of a band leader with the 'I'm the hippest thing on Earth' complex just leaves thinking, what a douchefest.

So yeah, DNC issues 'get out of sanctimonious manufactured outrage jail cards' to all celiberals. All he'll have to do is mention GOP war on women during one of his next douchefests and he'll be in the clear.

Bill31 said...

Iran has been a few months from having a nuke for a long time. I expect that they have a number of them already. And I'm afraid that we're going to find out soon.

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