Friday, April 3, 2015

Pass the SALT II

Remember SALT l & ll? Probably not...CW was like twelve at the time. Anyway I do. They were the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks between the old (as opposed to NEW) Soviet Union and the US. As I recall SALT l was ratified by the Senate and SALT ll died a quick and quiet death after the Russkies invaded Afghanistan. No biggie. Arms treaties are made by the weak. Reagan didn't need a treaty when he buried the Soviets and brought down their empire. If the Democrats had been in charge the Soviets would have demanded ECONOMIC concessions along with a favorable treaty (a la North Korea) and we'd probably still be dealing with the Soviets today. Damn, what am I saying? After six years of Obama WE ARE dealing with the Soviets today. Funny how Democrats can be so cutting edge hip and still be the most reactionary, regressive, stuck-in-the-mud losers that they are. But weak is too weak a word to describe John Kerry and Baraq Obama. They couldn't negotiate a deal with a Redneck used car salesman for a '78 Pinto with 300k miles and frame damage. They redefine weak, and the only thing more stupid is the American people who fall for their bullshit time and time again.

Here's the deal. The Iranians are NOT under the gun here. They're just having a little fun fuqing with the Americans. There is no downside for them, the sanctions have already been lifted. Their goal, their reason for being, their whole focus is to attain nuclear weapons so they can do things like put the Persian Gulf in a figure four leg lock half nelson and thereby run up the price of oil so as to get cash to buy and develop arms so as to attack and destroy Israel. Nuclear weapons would neutralize the Americans (and everybody else). It's as simple as that.

The Democrats are painting this as either or, treaty or war. Well I have news for our deluded team of Valley Girls and upper-crust dolts at State. We are at war, a slow grinding war of attrition in places like Yemen and Afghanistan and Iraq. This treaty will just about guarantee a quick war in the not so distant future. America's conventional military forces won't mean much when the Fourth Protocol (if there is such a thing) is breached.

But not to worry, gays will be rolling in pizza and wedding cakes so the Democrats came through! Well done! NOW can we get started on the Carbon Tax and finish destroying capitalism and freedom?

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