Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leftist of the Week: Joe Conason

I'm starting a new series called (wait for it) "Leftist of the Week" (week, month, whatever; whenever I feel like it). Many of us have experienced the phenomenon of while discussing an issue with a liberal/leftist, they are completely clueless as to the argument or source of which you as a conservative refer. "Who? What? They said THAT?" This happens to me all the time. The reason is progressives live in a bubble. They VOLUNTARILY avoid non-approved sources of information and vilify those sources (if they're even aware of them) at every opportunity (e.g. Faux News). Plus leftist news/opinion is ubiquitous. Pick up a newspaper or turn on the television and you will encounter it in not only news but in every cultural pursuit low to high. It take no effort to be indoctrinated but it takes a lot of effort to be informed.

I do not wish our side to be ignorant. Therefore I present MSNBC contributor, Salon columnist and virulent Clinton defender Joe Conason. Joe is a born and bred New Yorker the grandson of well known anarchist/communist and publisher (Freie Arbeiter Stimme) Joseph Cohen. I know what you're thinking, no Joe is NOT an Irishman, he's Jewish. Jews for some inexplicable reason often change their names to something, well...more Christian. Don't ask me why. I think it's along the lines of when you ask an Italian about their ethnicity they start telling you about their great-granddad from Perugia or ask an Irishman and they won't shut up about their family in County Kerry. But ask a Jew about their background and they look at you like you've committed the most horrid act of antisemitism since Kristallnacht. Anyway suffice to say Joe is a "red diaper baby" and would rather live his life uncircumcised than leave the cozy confines of Manhattan.

Joe currently resides in a 6,000 sq. ft. Gramercy Park "apartment" with his lovely wife activist attorney and entrepreneur  Elizabeth Wagley ( It's interesting to note the property has, according to, a market value of $7 million dollars but is appraised for tax purposes at $179,619. Apparently it's good to be a liberal in New York!

As well as his other vocations Joe is a talented propagandist and author. Here are a few of his offerings.

So...introducing JOE CONASON. Have fun.


Lauren Mcgrath said...

Hey, when do *I* get a turn?!

"The Hammer" said...

The short answer is when you earn it. Tell you what, send me 1600 words on the political philosopher you have been most influenced by, and why. If you don't know any philosophers (political or otherwise) then an essay on Lena Dunham's "Girls" or the rape culture on college campuses (specifically UVA) or why Muslims are actually closet feminists will do. Something like that. We're all waiting to be amazed!

Lauren McGrath said...

Bullshit, I don't even like Girls!

Unknown said...

Like all progressives elitists, Joe simply likes what he denies others he deems beneath him.

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