Thursday, December 31, 2015

Predictions: 2015 Results, 2016 List

Here are the predictions, with results. Pitiful.

1.  Mitt Romney will be an active candidate for President on 31 December 2015. No
2.  The Supreme Court will deal at least one generally considered large setback to Obamacare. No
3.  The market will not break 19,000 in 2015. Yes
4.  I will weigh not more than 182 lbs on December 31, 2015 (195.2 today) Yes (159)
5.  UVA's President will resign in 2015. No
6.  UVA Basketball will make it to the 2015 Final Four. No
7.  The national average for unleaded regular gasoline will be above $3.00 ($2.29 today). No
8.  Unemployment will be above 6.0% on 31 December 2015 (5.8 today). No
9.  There will be a coup in Venezuela. No. 
10.  The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl, and Peyton Manning will retire immediately thereafter. No.

And here are the predictions for 2016:

1.  Marco Rubio will be elected President.
2.  The Virginia Men's Basketball Team will get to the Final Four
3.  The Arizona Cardinals will win the Super Bowl.
4.  Hillary Clinton will be indicted.
5.  Tiger Woods will win a Major Championship.
6.  Virginia Football team will win six games or more.
7.  I will weigh equal to or less than 159 (what I weigh as I write this) on this date in 2016.
8.  One Supreme Court Justice will either leave office or die in office. The vacancy will not be filled in 2016.
9.  Chip Kelly will not coach a football team in 2016
10. Coach K will retire after this season.

Happy New Year!

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TigerHawk said...

No way Hillary gets indicted by the current Justice Department. First, it is way too partisan. Second, there are too many people inside the government who would be witnesses, including no doubt Barack Obama, who might have actually sent emails to her private server. As you can see from my own predictions above, though, Attorney General Cruz might well do just that!

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