Thursday, December 31, 2015

Resolutions: 2015 Scorecard, 2016 List

Here are the 2015 resolutions, with result commentary:

1.  I endeavor to be less sarcastic/caustic/ironic.  FAILURE
2.  I will re-institute E-Shabat.  6PM Friday to 6PM Saturday. Pretty good until June, spotty since
3.  I will take more of an interest in the yard/gardens. FAILURE
4.  I will finally get the gas fireplace installed in the bedroom. SUCCESS
5.  I will eat more modestly. SUCCESS
6.  I will exercise more frequently.  SUCCESS
7.  After my hip replacement, I will work to be more physically flexible. Modest Success
8.  I will take at least one vacation of not less than two full weeks. FAILURE
9.  I will read more. SUCCESS
10.  I will play more golf. FAILURE

And here are the 2016 resolutions:

1.  I will weigh what I weigh today (159) or less
2.  I will continue to eat modestly
3.  I will take at least three vacations of at least one week each.
4.  I will have more bodily flexibility at this time next year.
5.  I will argue with kindness, control, and love.
6.  I will exercise at least four times each week
7.  I will spend more time on the water around me.
8.  I will make some significant upgrades to the ManCave.
9.  I will make time for conversation with The Kitten before bed each night.
10.  I will put at least 15% of my gross income into my 401K

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