Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Flake and Corker: Good, Not Great

Yesterday's announcement from the Senate floor by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R) that he will not seek re-election in 2018 is being huzzahed from the highest mountains by many anti-Trumpists for its stinging criticism of both the President and the future of the GOP.

This, only a day after retiring Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) made some sharp comments of his own on the same subjects:

A couple of things are worth saying.

First of all, I agree with virtually everything these two men said about the President, his Presidency, and the state/direction of the GOP. Trump is a disaster, and the degree to which even his supporters point to the steadying influence of a few respected, key advisers is evidence of a general sense of his instability.

That said, these comments--as satisfying as they are to hear--are coming from men retiring from seats that were (in Flake's case) in real trouble, and in Corker's, up for grabs. This is not a sign of the strength of the anti-Trump Team within the GOP, but its weakness. Yes. Bush, McCain, Romney -- the last three GOP noms--have spoken out too recently -- but what ties them all together (save for Romney--more on this later) is that they will not face an electorate again. Real opposition to this President from within his Party---at least publicly--is non-existent. Such is the nature of politics. There is no end of the irony though, that the very nature of the continuing public support for Trump from R's in Congress--the behavior of naked political calculation--is what Trumpkins have pouted and whined about for years. They seem ok with the behavior now that it is in support of their man.

I've seen some backlash against both Corker and Flake from needlessly purist anti-Trumpers who criticize them for (in Corker's case) enabling the President's election and in Flake's, waiting until Trump was elected to speak out. If the anti-Trump movement is to have any real impact, there is no place for this kind of purity. Anyone--whether they were from the get-go anti-Trump--reluctant Trump voters, or even one-time MAGA-types--need to be welcomed with open arms.  What is important is the degree to which they continue to hold conservative principles dear, and the degree to which they now agree that Trump is damaging the country.

I heard an interesting bit on a podcast yesterday that confirms things I've seen in the news...that Mitt Romney may be considering running for the Senate from Utah. Seems a natural fit. I'd love to see him do it.

The bottom line here is that there is a serious schism in the GOP. Time will tell how bad things are and I think that time is November 2018. If the GOP gets its ass handed to it, the President's general public support from members of Congress will disappear in a New York minute.

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"The Hammer" said...

If you can point to one policy, one nominee or one executive order President Trump has put forward that is NOT in keeping with MAINSTREAM conservative thought then I'd be interested in hearing about it. Even most never-Trumpers in their more honest moments will tell you their problem is with the man, NOT his policies.
So all those GOPe Senators (two being from my home state of North Carolina) who were elected of, by and for the the monied elite in this country, can go straight to hell. They do NOT represent the people who voted for them, they represent their donors. As you may know I follow politics pretty closely, does anyone who knows me think I would have supported Thom Tillis had I know he was an open borders advocate? The man lied and manipulated to get the nomination and ultimately win the seat. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING! This is why Trump has so many loyal Trumpkins. With all his faults, will all his improper conduct, we know the elites fear and hate him FOR GOOD REASON from their perspective because he's taking the fight to them. We deplorables love it. We will either be governed by a cabal of coastal leftists and their lapdog "conservatives" and relegated to being just another chump in just another country in the XYZ Trade Quadrant, or we will take back power and be Americans again.

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