Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Potpourri

Sunday morning was especially sweet this week, as I lounged in bet until 0930. For some reason, the Kitten and I are very different about sleeping in. I get up early...a lot. So when I sleep in, I feel as though I have really accomplished something. She tends to sleep in, and by that I mean 0830 or so. On the days (rare) when she sleeps past that, she feels bad, as if she's wasted part of the day. I never consider sleep to be wasted time.

The interwebs are alive this morning with the frenzied reaction of the Trump Administration--led largely by a President with nothing to do because of bad golfing weather and a serious Twitter addiction--to the unfortunate leak of information that the Mueller grand jury has handed down an indictment (sealed). One can be very much anti-Trump and also anti-leaks. That's me. There has been a horrible amount of leaking during this administration--part of it attributable to people dead-set against its policies and pronouncements, part of it by self-serving members of the administration jockeying for favor, and part by clearly concerned members of the administration who fear that they've bought into a disaster. It is always difficult to know who is leaking, but the fact of the leaks remains regrettable.

As is so often the case with Trump, the "squirrel" machine is in high gear, with the President (he who leads the entire government) urging everyone to instead concentrate on the actions of the campaign of the woman he dispatched en route his current position. If there's one thing that Trump/Trumpkins are predictable on, its the "yeah, but Hillary" line that is sure to follow any bad news for Trump. Repeat after me, people: Trump is the President. Hillary is not. She will never be. He is. He must be judged in the here and now, not in comparison to a Clinton Presidency that never did nor never will happen.

The Wahoos football team was dispatched in Pittsburgh yesterday, and it seems my modest enthusiasm (as opposed to reckless homerism) was the right move with this team. They are 5-3, which is a damn sight better than last year, but they are improving--not good. Next week doesn't get any better, with Georgia Tech coming to C'ville. I'll be there, so I hope the team shows up.

Let's talk about the NFL, shall we? My interest in the NFL began to wane long before the national anthem kneeling kerfuffle, though that hasn't exactly increased my appetite. No, my disinterest stems from two things--the first is the endless celebrating of mundane accomplishments, and the second is the plain and simple poor quarterbacking. But hey--apart from that, everything looks fine.

To end the Potpourri, a short clip of something that I'm not supposed to worry very much about.


"The Hammer" said...

Funny how the leaks pretty much stopped after Reince Priebus got canned.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Or was it Steve Bannon getting canned? Or was it Ezra Cohen-Watnik? Or was it Derek Harvey? or was it Rich Higgins? I can't get all the TrumpLeakers straight.

And if you think Bannon wasn't the King of Leaks, you're not paying attention.

"The Hammer" said...

Nice try but no, it was Priebus. What's he doing now I wonder?

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