Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Potpourri

In the previous instantiation of this blog, Fridays often included a post known as "Big Fat Friday Free For All" in which I solicited the thoughts of others in the comment section. It was additionally, a method of oversight for a diet then underway, and provided a means to publicly crow (or whine) as the case that week had been.

As I read the New York Times online this morning, searching for something worth writing about today, the concept of simply musing for a bit arose--mostly because nothing in the news really caught my eye. And so is born the "Sunday Potpourri" post, which will consist of brief little blog postlets, none of which are sufficiently developed to warrant their own post, but some of which might be worth thinking about.

Let's start with the pitiful performance yesterday by the University of Virginia football team, which entered the game with Boston College a 7 point favorite and then proceeded to get trounced. My Hoos are better this year than they have been recently, but I fear the runaway enthusiasm in the fan base got out in front of the headlights. I texted with the Hammer yesterday before the game that BC's victory over Louisville the week before had me concerned. I suppose I was right.

Writing this post is designed to kill two birds with one stone--the first is to provide content so that you and others will continue to come back to the site and read it when I have something interesting to say, and second to get my writing juices flowing for important work projects I have to tackle today. I was able to juice out about 700 words yesterday on a project that should come in at 2500 or so, but I'd actually hoped to finish it--or at least a draft. Will get on it when I finish this.

One of the projects I have is to put together my speech/lecture for a group of curious seniors I am talking to on Tuesday. These folks reside in a seniors community in Maryland, and have what essentially boils down to a revolving series of lecturers come and teach/educate/challenge etc. I'm going to talk with them about the role of Seapower in American national security. Some of you know that I did a Seapower speaking tour of Maryland Rotary Clubs last fall and winter, but that was more advocacy--this is likely to be largely educational. I like doing stuff like this--sorta wish I could make a living just doing it exclusively.

My guilty pleasure on Sunday mornings is reading the New York Times wedding announcements. I love reading the pomposity of it all, realizing of course that they aren't preening for me, but for each other. There were several gentlemen in their 50's today marrying ladies in their 30's....which for nonspecific reasons, I find re-assuring.

After my talk on Tuesday, I head to the airport for a flight to San Diego. I spend 3-4 days a month there on business, and my musings from the road tend to be among the more commented upon posts here, at least my posts. That's always bothered me a little, as I'll spend a long time thinking about and writing a piece on something incredibly important and political--and no one will notice--and then sit down in an airport and riff on the people walking by to great praise. My friend Todd laughs at me when I complain about this.

My Mom and Dad are in their 80's and still married, both of which are noteworthy. They celebrated their 61st Anniversary two days ago, which seems like a really, really long time until I contemplate the speed with which the last 10 years with The Kitten have passed. They thank you for your kind wishes.

Have a good Sunday.

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"The Hammer" said...

I spent the fall of 1987 blowing about 30 large on football (my bookie put in a pool however, so it wasn't wasted). I obviously know NOTHING about football.

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