Saturday, October 28, 2017

Homeward Bound

The United Lounge here at SFO is hopping this evening, with very few seats available. I have a prime one, with solid access to electrical power and a good view of the silenced TV. I am enjoying a bit of a layover before the redeye back to Baldymore (hon), seat 10C (United) which means a few extra inches of room as compared to my flight here in steerage (28C). I am not a tall man, but in a slight slouch, my knees were right up against the seat in front of me. I feel sorry for tall people in coach.

I had a busy few days in San Diego, and I've stayed on East Coast time as is my custom. It is 21:19 hrs West Coast, which means it is bed time--but the flight doesn't board for another 90 minutes, so I'll have to power through for a bit. My plan was to arrive early tomorrow morning and then drive straight home to my bed, but a rare Saturday morning meeting will have me veering southwest to DC for a few hours before finally getting the nap I will so richly deserve.

I will make four trips to Southern California between 24 October and 20 December, so the miles I burned down taking my sweetie to Europe are slowly building back up. Winter travel gets dicey, and if I can't do a non-stop, I try to go through Houston rather than Chicago or Denver. But one doesn't always get to choose.These redeyes are kind of a pain, but they go quickly because I generally get a few hours of sleep. And if I were to stay overnight in SD and get the first flight out, I would essentially spend the whole day traveling.

Wednesday--as you all know--is the first day of the Christmas Season. I will spend some of this weekend practicing my Christmas carols (I play the trumpet, sort of), and in a sop to social convention, I hold off until the first day of the Christmas Season (1 November) before posting them on Facebook. You're welcome.

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