Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beating Obama

I've written here before--and we just talked extensively Monday night--about the difficulty of beating Barack Obama in 2012.  Not impossible, just difficult.

Some interesting numbers here reinforce the notion that he can be beaten.  Sixty four percent of the American public think we're on the wrong track--and the President's support among "independents" has slipped from 47%  to 37%.

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Birdsong Peacefeather said...

I find your choice of words to be uncivil and, frankly, borderline felonious. To suggest "beating" our President harkens back to the shouts of "hang him" in the lynch-hungry deep south. Language of this type should be outlawed under the most strenuous hate crime legislation we can muster--and we need it NOW, before you Bush-worshipping, Palin-pandering morons on the right take another wasted breath. You should all die. Learn some #%&@@% civility you %@#$^^@^ing #^#%#wipes!

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