Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Japan

We are seeing a great civilization in action in Japan, one in which its social mores, its respect for authority, its reverence for the whole, and its profound orientation to action are on full display.  The scenes of what everyday life has become for many of its citizens are tough to watch; the poise with which this great people currently face their task is admirable.

I will leave it to others to delve into the comparative reactions of regional populations to natural disasters.  And I am not ignorant to the great wrongs perpetrated by the Japanese on each other and on others across the centuries. 

I will only sit back in this modern age and witness a strong, proud people soldiering on in the face of great adversity.

CORRECTION:  On Monday night's radio show, I made reference to what I took to be China's inactivity in coming to Japan's aid.  I have since corrected my under-informed condition and acknowledge that China has been quite active in coming to Japan's aid.

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Mudge said...

Are you sure that Chinese aid isn't just early reconnaissance?

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