Sunday, March 6, 2011

David Ignatius Gives Barack Obama The Credit for The Freedom Agenda

In a breathtaking example of Greek chorus politics, David Ignatius--no friend of George W. Bush--writes the following of the policies of the Obama Administration in the restive Arab world:

"In supporting the wave of change sweeping the Arab world, despite the wariness of traditional allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, Obama is placing a big bet that democratic governments will be more stable and secure, and thereby enhance U.S. interests in the region"

Um--isn't this what used to called the "Freedom Agenda" under President Bush?  Wasn't HE the one who suggested that there was a yearning for freedom in the heart of every human being, the political representation of which is more democracy rather than less--which ultimately brings human nature and human politics into closer alignment?

You can see the fingerprints of the Obama National Security Council staff all over this one.  "Hey David, come on over to the White House Mess and have lunch.  I can show you "Presidential Study Directive 11" which shows how prescient we were in seeing this unrest coming, and how successfully our "No Drama Obama" approach mirrors that which we were always planning to do when these events transpired, which we of course always predicted."

And Ignatius bought it--hook, line and sinker. 


"The Hammer" said...

Obama's breaking his ass trying to get out in front of the parade. He's cut the balls off our intelligence gathering (that's why getting on a plane is such a bitch, airport screening is the Alamo, one last stand) so he doesn't know what in the Holy Hell is going on. I'll bet Obama's daily intelligence briefing consists of copies of the London Times, the Telegraph (maybe the Wash Post and NY Times).
The point is, the fact is, the US is just along for the ride. We have no special knowledge or influence, at least none we're willing to use.

Mudge said...

Love the Greek chorus metaphor and photo. Like the Greek chorus, I'd hide my face too if I was spouting such shameful misappropriation of the truth.

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