Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nancy Pelosi Vexes Me

In this performance Madam (Former) Speaker lectures Republicans on fiscal responsibility.  This, from the leader of a body that punted on passing a budget last year because it was politically inconvenient in light of the myriad political miscalculations she and her cohort made in their two years of conspiring with the White House to enshrine the federal government even deeper in everyday life. 
This is a breathtaking performance, political cynicism of the highest order. 

HT--Hot Air and Instapundit


Mudge said...

Not since Pat Schroeder have I so disrespected a politician. And Pelosi is orders of magnitude more despicable.

Vexes. Yeah. You could call it that...if you really wanted to understate it.

Glenwood said...

She is emblematic of all that is wrong with the legislative branch. Tone deaf? yes. Arrogant? Certainly. Been there too long? Most assuredly. Unhelpful and uninterested in solving the problem? Check. She is Tommy Delasandro's little girl Nancy and she is a chip off the old block. He was corrupt and so was this poor little rich girl.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the only answer to this and a host of other problems in Congress is TERM LIMITS.

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