Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Military: Too White, Too Male least according to the study cited in this story.  

I guess the question to be raised here--and I'm sorry to be Clintonian--is what the meaning of the word "too" is.

I guess by the meaning I discern--that because the proportion of women and minorities is less than what they represent in the general population, the following can be assumed:

1.  Congress is too white
2.  Congress is too male
3.  The NBA is too black
4.  The NFL is too black
5.  MLB is too hispanic
6.  Fortune 500 boardrooms are too white
7.  NASCAR is too white
8.  NASCAR is too male
9.  The View is too female

The silliness continues....


"The Hammer" said...

Hollywood producers, writers and directors are too Jewish and too gay. MSNBC is not too, but ALL white. PBS and NPR are too Jewish. The NY Times is too gay. The Atlanta Journal Constitution is too black.

I could go on forever.

Al Bynoe said...

I'm too white.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his cronies have done more to drive a wedge between the races than Jackson, Sharpton, or the KKK.

Anonymous said...

To summerize; The country is too stupid

Anon's 3rd Grade Spelling Teacher said...


Anonymous said...

TV Commercial fools are also dominated by white males.

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