Friday, March 4, 2011

BYU Does the Right Thing

This week the Cougars of BYU saw their NCAA hoop dreams slip away from them when one of their stalwart performers, forward Brandon Davies, was suspended for violating the school's honor code. His specific violation? Having sex with his girlfriend.

While perhaps this would not work on 99.9% of America's college campuses, BYU maintains the strict rule that its students remain chaste and virtuous.

I don't know how many of those students truly are chaste and virtuous. But kudos to the athletic program for standing by their honor code, despite the cost. I'd like to give the kid some props for honesty, but he makes it difficult since his actions will deny his teammates an opportunity to go deep in the tourney this year. Really, though, considering it's nearly tournament time, how many schools would just look the other way?


"The Hammer" said...

To start with I just want to say I like Mormons. I grew up with a few and I knew quite a few in the service. They are good people and they live their religion. But all I can figure, in their religion they must not get blueballs.

Mudge said...

Agreed. I especially enjoyed this story when it broke on the TV "news" shows because, confronted with a moral standard they couldn't comprehend, it clearly had liberals up in arms...which I always consider a plus to my day.

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