Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Sure Hammer Has Some Suggestions

The DSCC is trying to come up with a new car magnet slogan for the 2012 election. Here are the lame options:

'We've got your back, Barack'
'Repeal Republicans in 2012'
'Had Enough Tea?'
'Brick by Brick, We're Building a Firewall'
'Hey GOP? You're Firewalled!' (Seriously)
NRO's Jim Geraghty suggests the following:
'My Other Car is a Volt, and You Paid For it'
'My child is an honor student, despite his unionized teacher leaving to protest all the time'
'United We Stand Against Those despicable Teabaggers'
They're welcoming suggestions. Let's help them - let's hear your ideas for a slogan!


Mudge said...

Give the government more credit--vote Democrat in 2012

Goldwater's Ghost said...

Barack Obama: He's Bi-Winning!

"The Hammer" said...

How 'bout this?

Voting Democrat is like going to a nudist camp. Once you see what it's all about, you don't want any part of it.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

"Hope and Change THIS!"

"Obama: When You Care Enough to Send Your Very Best (Community Organizer)"

"I'll pay MORE taxes when you pay ANY taxes!"

"The Hammer" said...

I think we have a winner...

"I'll pay MORE taxes when you pay ANY taxes!"

Anonymous said...

Obama - Bush 2012.

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