Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bachman Takes in $2M

Really?  Do I really belong to a party in which adherents would send that kind of money along to Rep. Bachman in order to feed her quixotic flirtation with a Presidential run?  Really?

C'mon Republicans.  I know you're mad.  I'm mad.  Bachman helps tap into that anger and gives it a voice--to that extent, she's valuable and useful.

But PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?  C'mon--we excoriated Barack Obama for a lack of experience and then send $2M to her?

We have great candidates with realistic chances of winning the Presidency--and Michele Bachman is not among them.  I know, I know--I can almost WRITE Hammer's rant now, about my being an elitist, country club Republican....standing by for that one.


"The Hammer" said...

Au contraire, mon frère. Bachman doesn't necessarily turn me on (although she would have probably been a good college shag 30 years ago) but at this stage, who cares? It's a marketplace of ideas. Let 'em fight it out.
I will say this though, I'm seeing signs that Hillary may make a run. Obama had a go at Bill Clinton's Balkan strategy from way back when and Carville (a strong Clintonite) has made some recent comments and a few other things lead me to believe she is strongly considering it. Also, she can read the writing on the wall and knows Obama is a one termer. Does she want to wait out a Republican for eight years? She be 132 for God's sake.
Hey, I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Hammer, you state that President Obama is a one termer, but the more developed this spring gets, I am seeing him comfortably win a second term. Why? Because the Republicans have no alternative to rally around. There are not even rumors of an interesting candidate to inspire Republicans. The fact that people are grasping to read the tea leaves about Gen Petraeus, or donating 2 Mil to Bachman or even the Donald (Trump) illustrates the grasping we are doing now. Our best candidates are not electable and therefor are not our best candidates (Newt, Mit etc)

This is looking like an uninspired landslide in 2012. Republicans will be lucky to take the Senate the rate we are going.

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