Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Obama Will Not Win in 2012

Here's an interesting view from someone with whom I am clearly not ideologically aligned, though he does make a lot of sense in many of his assertions.

Bottom line though?  For now, I think he's wrong.  I think Mr. Obama is putting himself into the Bill Clinton post 1994 chair, one in which he'll demonstrate how reasonable he is while appearing to "cut" the budget, and he'll win with slightly less of a majority than he did in 2008. 

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"The Hammer" said...

CW if you're talking "triangulation" I don't think Obama's crew can pull that off. He hasn't distanced himself from the Dem majority, quite the contrary, he let them write all the legislation. Also, Clinton had a strong economy and and enough sense not to screw it up, but Obama was hired to "fix" the "broken" economy and all he's done is push a progressive agenda. This is his economy now. Obama positioned as moderate after what he's done? No way.

We all love predictions, they can be a lot of fun, so here goes. I predict Hillary will primary Obama and although not win, she will come a helluva lot closer that the chattering class would have thought. Assuming the Republicans nominate a strong candidate, the electorate will run home to Daddy and Obama will lose the general election with less than 45% of the vote.

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