Sunday, April 3, 2011

Radio Show Bleg

Ok folks, what do you want to talk about Monday night on The Conservative Wahoo Live? 


Uncle Willie said...

Why not talk about tv commercials. You watch tv don't you? Congress doesn't! If they did we would have some restrictions on number and length of tv commercials. I put the stop watch on ABC's Diane Sawyer nightly news half hour, a few weeks ago and between commercials and ABC's own commentary stuff Diane reported a total of twenty-two minutes equalling 73.3% of news which was just almost 2/3's
shy of the entire broadcast and 1/3 commercials and junk. The SOB's now even have them syncronized. Pluck the remote to another channel or two and guess what - another commercial. ABC nightly news even shuts down two minutes before the hour for more commercials. Her's the best part folks - if you have cable or satellite you're paying for all those commercials.

Anonymous said...

Didn't cable make the claim years ago that cable TV would decrease the need for commercials? I remember that from when I was a kid.

Mudge said...

Whatever the case, please don't get Congress involved. They have considerably more important issues to address in their own behavior and are far too involved in our lives as it is. The more we ask them to deal with what we can do better and far more affordably on our own (i.e. write to the network and the sponsors to explain that you have stopped watching their programs and why--then use your DVR to record the ones you just can't seem to live without and breeze through the interruptions with fast forward--or wait a day and use Hulu. If you get one of those Nielsen Ratings surveys, explain the same thing). One of my favorite bumper stickers is on the car of the wife of one of my favorite people:

"Government Isn't Your Mommy"

Four good words to remember every time each of us gets our nose out of joint about something. I'm guessing the founding fathers rarely muttered "there ought to be a [government enforceable] law [over we the people]" in their decision to break with the crown.

"The Hammer" said...

He takes last week off with some bullshit line about work, and now, the night of the NCAA College Basketball Championship Final, CW wants to talk politics. Well whoop de friggin' do.

If I had a rubber hose I'd beat you!

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