Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obama, Ideology, and Competence

This will be a short little whip of a post, one I need to get to in order to break the streak of postless days I accumulated whilst bandying about the Caribbean avec mon chaton.

Since the time Senator Obama sewed up the Democratic nomination for President, I have been fairly critical of him and his policies on largely ideological grounds.  I knew as soon as he won that I was in for four long years (at least) of being incredibly at odds with the Administration.

That said, I allowed myself--like many others--to be lulled into thinking that while I wouldn't agree with their policies, at least the Obama team was going to be competent.  He seemed to do a good job assembling a cabinet and White House staff, and the transition seemed to be handled with aplomb.

Here we are, two years into the term, and not only do I disagree with them ideologically on almost everything--I now have come to question their basic competence.  You name the issue--especially in the past year--and they just don't seem to have it anymore.  Not only that, the President seems downright ambivalent about the job.  It seems they "shot their wad" on health care--and they simply have nothing left. 


LT G said...

If health care was their "wad" I would prescribe a fertility test and some Viagra, for they seem to be suffering ED (erectile dysfunction) I guess that could now be known as Elected Democrat.

Doc Milnamo said...

God help us. There is nothing more dangerous than a bored politician.

Mudge said...

good job picking his cabinet? do you forget the series of missteps for tax-evading nominees? For an administration who claimed to be open, bringing change to washington and cleaning up the corruption--especially an unprecedented tax and spend administration--picking tax dodgers hardly seemed the epitome of competence in the transition.

BigFred said...

I was initially bouyed by the "loyal opposition" meme posted here post-election. Upon further review, this administration is amateur hour. Guy in charge of the FED is a tax evader. Close GTMO. Everything the AG has said/done. Mumaar el Q. does everything we ask of him (denounce WMD, reparations, stop sponsoring Hamas) and we bomb him? You think the Kim family North of 38N has not noticed this? Worst President ever. Carter sucked. Bush should have started a War Tax. Clinton should have killed bin Laden.

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