Monday, April 4, 2011

EJ Dionne Reveals the Liberal Talking Points on the 2012 Budget

Representative Paul Ryan--one of the brightest lights of the Republican House Caucus and the Chairman of the Budget Committee--is set to announce the Republican 2012 budget plan, which is sure to at least be reminiscent of Representative Ryan's Roadmap for Recovery. In it (and presumably in the budget), Ryan described ways that to shrink government and redistribute taxation away from income and savings and more toward consumption (remember:  what you tax, you wish to discourage).

As such a momentous political event in Washington cannot possibly occur without a healthy counter-position, to the rescue rides everyone's favorite paste-eater--E.J. Dionne--who provides us with what will assuredly be the Democratic talking points in opposition to Ryan's plans.  Tax cuts for the rich, dangerous cuts on vital programs for the neediest Americans, blah, blah, blah.  What Dionne won't tell you is that Ryan's plan will deal both with the spending side of the equation and the revenue side.  That in the end, the revenue (read: taxes) approach will be MORE fair, while recognizing that we MUST get government spending under control.  Dionne's (read:  the liberal) approach is always "don't cut spending, tax the rich more".  Which side has new ideas these days? Not Dionne's side.


Bahney Fwank said...

Uhm, that isn't paste.

"The Hammer" said...

He's sooooo sweet!

Atlanta Roofing said...

So they want to take Medicare and give all the funds to the insurers and then expect them to pay those funds out to the elderly? HA yea right, they're going to give all this money to the insurers and then because there's no oversight those companies will just deny every claim = PROFIT.

Mudge said...

Atlanta - Really? Deny EVERY claim? Could you name me one insurance company that actually denies every claim? How about 50% of claims? 25%? And "NO" oversight? Do you overuse shingles at the same rate you overuse hyperbole?

Anonymous said...

Out insurance companies work with real things like profit and loss. The government just sets up death panels and tells us what to eat and what to drink.
The insurance companies leave it up to us to decide if we wan to smoke - they treat us like grown ups. On the other hand the government tells us not to smoke and funds a whole propaganda machine that even the communists did not dare. We need to end Medicare and Medicaid and channel our charity through non-profits charities. If you don't take care of yourself - you deserve to die - but we will give you the minimum we can out of charity and you will need ot sign a thank you note. The government bail out so the poor and the slefish who waste their money encourages the rest to become similar freeloaders. We need tough love and Sarah Palin.

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